Benghazi: The Point Is We Should Have Tried

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Hattip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.  Retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell, who was Deputy Director for Intelligence for Africom (Africa Command), at the time of the Benghazi attack, gets to the heart of the matter:



“Many with firsthand knowledge have recounted the heroism displayed by the brave Americans in Benghazi that night. They fought the way they trained. That is in the record. Outside of Libya there were discussions that churned on about what we should do. These elements also fought the way they were trained. Specifically, the predisposition to interagency influence had the military structure—in the spirit of expeditionary government support—waiting for a request for assistance from the State Department. There are accounts of time, space and capability discussions of the question, could we have gotten there in time to make a difference. Well, the discussion is not in the “could or could not” in relation to time, space and capability—the point is we should have tried. As another saying goes: “Always move to the sound of the guns,” Lovell said. “It is with a sense of duty as a retired General officer that I respectfully submit these thoughts and perspectives.”

Lovell also confirmed again that the 9/11 Benghazi attack was not a result of a demonstration but instead was a well planned out assault and said the situation of holding back help made the military feel “desperate.”

“The military should have made a response of some sort,” he said.

Further, Lovell said people on the ground that night knew it was an attack from al Qaeda almost immediately.

“We didn’t know how long this would last when we became aware of the distress nor did we completely understand what we had in front of us, be it a kidnapping, rescue, recovery, protracted hostile engagement or any or all of the above,” Lovell said. “But what we did know quite early on was that this was a hostile action. This was no demonstration gone terribly awry.”



The one thing that is drummed into you in the military is that you do not leave men under attack in the lurch.  You do everything in your power to assist them.  Two American heroes, former seals Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty, were left to die because the administration was in an election and they did not want Libya exploding on the front pages.  Contemptible, completely contemptible.


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As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. This Administration is treasonous, diabolical, demonic, idolatrous, iniquitous, perverted, perverse, malicious, malevolent and utterly evil. It murders unborn babies. It lets heroes die un-vindicated. It glorifies itself in all manner of filth and spiritual disease. I have not the words necessity to express my disgust, disdain, contempt, loathing and abhorrence that I have for this Administration and the liberal progressive Democrats. Benghazi is but one in a list of numerous crimes perpetrated by an Administration which has respect for neither the God who sits on His Throne in Heaven above nor for the people whom they are appointed under His authority to serve and protect.
    Sirach 10:1-5
    A wise magistrate will educate his people,
    and the rule of an understanding man will be well ordered.

    Like the magistrate of the people, so are his officials;
    and like the ruler of the city, so are all its inhabitants.

    An undisciplined king will ruin his people,
    but a city will grow through the understanding of its rulers.

    The government of the earth is in the hands of the Lord,
    and over it he will raise up the right man for the time.

    The success of a man is in the hands of the Lord,
    and he confers his honor upon the person of the scribe.

  2. Obumbler and his minions are in this up to their necks. What the Regime did was criminal, but Obumbler cares not and neither do the media.

  3. The truth may now safely leak out. His Supreme Obamanation has been reelected.

    P.S. Our bishops could take heed of the retired brigadier general’s words, “The point is we should have tried” as a guide in their own duties as overseers. We all could.

  4. The bishops could learn to do their duty and so could the media. Candy Crowley aided and abetted this administration in this lie during the debate with Mitt Romney. She helped shut Romney down and elevated Obama. She, Gwen Ifill, Martha Radditz and others share in the disaster that is Obama’s presidency, having helped make it possible for him to win on lies.
    Everyone who continues to be an accomplice to this unholy administration should soon examine their conscience, publicly repent and try to right the wrongs they have helped to perpetrate.
    Also I have never understood why it mattered what “inspired” the attack on the U.S. – whether it was a movie or not– it was an attack on us and our personnel. We should have defended ourelves. Saying it was an video maker, arrested in California, was just another refrain of ” it was our fault, our fault, our most grievous fault.

  5. This, and Obamacare – are they the last – or the only – trainwrecks from his Incompetency, the POTUS? I would say not.
    Meanwhile, the dependence on the USA for moral leadership and truth by the rest of the world is being hugely compromised.

  6. My only quibble with Anzlyne’s 6:31 comment is that nobody made Mitt Romney stop talking about Benghazi but Mitt Romney.

  7. You are right Ernst, he could have followed up later. I was thinking of that night with the rules of the “debate ” and the time constraints I thought she shut him down and gave the floor to obama. She read a transcript and seemed to offer proof that obama was right and Romney was wrong, then the show was over. Lots of viewers for the debate. To me all the cards seemed to be in o’s hand, and the dealers were his too.
    But he could have tried to press it more during the remaining time before the election.

  8. Not only could have, but should have Anzlyne. Not doing so was a failure of nerve that left the impression that Crowley and Obama were right, and Romney wrong.

  9. You are all right. Amen! This leaves a question, which stands like the elephant in the living room… the emperor with no clothes on……why has not the impeachment process begun?

    He did less than Nixon ever thought of, yet no media dares sound the alarm! Why?

    We have been infiltrated? Joe McCarthy was right, and, went to his grave an unsung hero?

    Then again, look at all the mosques which have sprung up all over America! Do you have one in your neighborhood? John Paul II said “Be Not Afraid”. We seem to be afraid to speak the truth. Do it before it’s too late, and, we experience “the knock on the door at night” (The
    Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn)

  10. Because no conviction would be possible in the Senate. Been there, done that, in 1999 with Bill Clinton. Not a single Democrat Senator voted Clinton to be guilty under either article of impeachment. I cannot think of a single Democrat senator who would ever vote to impeach Obama under any imaginable circumstance.

  11. Thank you Donald. But couldn’t the impeachment process still be useful?
    I see that the impeachment in the house is more or less an indictment, even though it might not be followed by any kind of conviction by the senate, but could it not set the framework for a criminal case after his term is over?
    I’m thinking not just of getting him out of office, but of seeking justice even after the term is up.
    Otherwise is the president who has a majority support in the congress really above the law? Does this gives the green light for that type of politician who may follow. Is this bad precedent? Making bad guys who push the envelope see how much they can get away with. It seems we are helpless to deal with dereliction of duty and abuse of power. Then “checks and balances” are a fiction.
    Could impeachment tell the historical record and instruct future voters. Somebody has said something like silence only helps the bad guys.

  12. “But couldn’t the impeachment process still be useful?”

    Not in our current media advice and the hair raising stupidity of far too many low information voters.

    “Otherwise is the president who has a majority support in the congress really above the law?”

    A President who enjoys the support of a majority in a crisis is very strong indeed. Obama has not enjoyed that support since the midterms. The solution for a rogue president is ever in the hands of the voters at the next election.

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