Cult of Personality? What Cult of Personality!

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Jiang Qing

Just in time for Mother’s Day!  Democrats are being encouraged to wish Jiang Qing (Mrs. Mao) Michelle a happy Mother’s Day!  Go here to sign a card and to put your name on Democrat mailing lists for the rest of your life.  I think the Democrats may have something here.  They might wish to consider a campaign focusing on Michelle, which would allow them to extend the dynasty until Obama’s girls are old enough to become a factor in American politics.  Big Mama Has Her Eyes on You might be a bit direct for the campaign, but I am sure they can come up with a proper slogan and theme.  Let a thousand flowers bloom!

Big Mama

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  News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:   WASHINGTON, D.C.—Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is busy celebrating her victory over the


  1. Michele Obama in her actions and statements is little different than Queen Jezebel of yester-millennium. She will plot the demise (i.e., murder) of anyone who produces wealth like Naboth the Jezreelite in order to steal his property and wealth (i.e., his vineyard) to give to her husband, our current King Ahab, Barack Hussein Obama. The prophet Elijah had some mighty heavy words for her crime in 1st Kings chapter 21. As I recall, at the end of 2nd Kings chapter 9 that punishment was meted out.

    Of course, we must pray for the repentance of our current Queen Jezebel. But the choices before us remain ever the same: choose God’s mercy and repent, or be defiant and receive God’s justice. We know what Jiang Qing would choose and that is to be regretted. Pray for Michele Obama’s repentance.


  2. I see nothing wrong with sending Michy a mom day card. A lot of American’s say she’s a mother. However, when it comes to her, I don’t think they mean the same thing as most folks do when the M word is used!

  3. “Go here to sign a card and to put your name on Democrat mailing lists for the rest of your life.”
    Stephen E. Dalton: “I see nothing wrong with sending Michy a mom day card.”
    Except that you will put your name on the Democratic mailing list for life, the same goes for the “Do not call list”. Now they have your number.

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