PopeWatch: The Pope and the Angel

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PopeWatch has often expessed doubts about what the Pope says or writes, but PopeWatch has never doubted the goodness of the Pope’s heart, as he demonstrated over the weekend.


The Holy See and his entourage were travelling on a road near the home of the Catholic family, when he noticed the family holding banners reading:  ‘Please Pope stop here to see an angel who has been waiting for you’, and ‘Please come and bless little Roberta’, the Catholic News Agency reported.

A video uploaded by the family on Facebook shows the Pope step out from his car as Roberta, who is lying in a stretcher, is taken by her family to meet him.

The pontiff then kisses Roberta, who needs a machine to enable her to breathe, according to news.va.

Go here to read the rest and to see an unforgettable picture.  Pope Francis gladdened the heart of every one who has ever loved a disabled child through this act of love, at least that is the case for PopeWatch.

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