Purple Penguins

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  1. The students have names and ought to be called by their names, first and last, or reminded of their station in life by their titles, Oh, that’s right, Miss, Mrs. Mr. and Sir have been banished long ago. Are the people to whom we entrust our children so lazy that they cannot remember a student’s name? Or is this a show of power? Or both?

  2. Really this has been going on a long time- not so much about gender, but I remember they were calling kids names of animals instead of saying what they mean, I think the advanced third grade reading group was called bluebirds and the other groups were robins and something else. I’m sure no group was called crowd! Or blackbirds!

  3. That way the kids weren’t s’posed to catch on that some people were better readers than others. .

    But no matter how the staff tries to re-order society and blur the natural truth, those little kids will figure who is a boy and who is a girl; and who reads well and who doesn’t.

  4. A great and mighty INJUSTICE is transpiring here!

    That Barney the purple dinosaur is being thrown under the bus by the penguins and their super intelligent liberal teachers.

    My word! After all that Barney has given and done for America…then this! To be passed over and not even considered.

    That’s why we’ve started the “Children are purple Dinosaurs” campaign. With your support, and a humble contribution of $2,499, we can set things right. As
    Joe Biden would say: “The mind is a terrible thing.”

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