Derby the Dog Open Thread

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The usual open thread rules apply:  be concise, be charitable and, above all, be amusing!

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  1. Heart warming. I miss my dog. A few months back one of the Sunday newspaper magazines, maybe Parade, featured a cover story about printed prosthetics.

  2. How I wanted to say “Thank You” Sir Donald R. McCleary for our patriotic eagle. And, as I slept through the night with the thought of owing you gratitude this is what must be said:

    “or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” simply means that if the Large Bat or the LGBT wants to get someone fired for being and believing in Christianity, they are free to get three quarters of the states to agree with them and change the meaning of the U. S. Constitution. “…to petition the government for redress” means the same thing. The court decriminalized sodomy in Lawrence v. Texas. The court did not make it a right or a good. The court simply said that the state would not prosecute sodomy. The court did not say that the individual citizen could not prosecute sodomy. Nor, did the court say that the individual citizen who prosecutes sodomy, as John Cochran and I are doing, will be prosecuted.
    The Large Bat or LGBT must be tolerated. The Large Bat or LGTB must not be allowed to run herd over innocence individuals and citizens. The Large Bat or LGBT must not be allowed to infringe on personal space, personal privacy or personal freedom because these natural rights come with sovereign personhood. Nobody has come into the life of a gay person and told them that they cannot be a gay person. Why are the gays coming into another’s personal space and telling him he has to be gay, or hold with their opinion, as in the cake, florist, photography proprietors lives…Toleration does not mean bonded servitude.
    “or prohibit the free exercise thereof’” means that atheism is unconstitutional. Atheists, as individuals must be tolerated because they are the adopted children of God. God’s juvenile delinquents. Freedom From Religion must not be tolerated because the absence of religion causes a vacuum, a dearth of religion, and any vacuum causes the destruction of freedom. I am free.”We, the people” are free.
    The destruction of our constitutional posterity through the destruction of his freedom, his innocence and his virginity, and his family, his society and his culture is unconstitutional.
    “We, the people…” are: our ancestors, especially our Founding Fathers, the now generation, and our posterity, our constitutional posterity, all future generations. The future belongs to us only if we preserve our natural rights and freedoms and hand them on to our children.
    “We, the people…” have entrusted our government to legislate, adjudicate and execute our truth. The Justices of the Supreme Court are the personification of God’s perfect Justice. God’s perfect Justice is predicated on God’s perfect Truth. Secular Humanism will get us a secular and human Justice that will impose man’s fallible, faulty and incomplete truth. An incomplete truth as everyone knows, without God’s help, is injustice.
    “We, the people,” have recourse to human history and tradition and our common sense to guide us, to protect us and to grant us the wisdom to hand down the good things in life along with truth and freedom for our constitutional posterity.
    Be assured that you, Donald McCleary and yours (I include myself in “yours”) are in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Real Presence on the altar in every church for all time and into eternity.

  3. If Derby can happily move about freely on the hard pavement in his world with those aids, then a mind can do so with its aids from Holy sources.

  4. First. Mary DeVoe. If you are not currently holding a position in local government please consider it. Your voice and heart needs to permeate the hearts and minds of your community.

    Second. When the love that drove Derby’s owner to seek a solution for his lack of ambulation becomes instilled into the minds of young women, then the problem of unwanted pregnancy may become moot. That love for a dogs well being is touching indeed. If only it (love) could be alive in the cases of mothers that contemplate abortion.

    Nothing amusing about this.
    Pardon me.

  5. Philip and Donald I do have something funny to add but this is not it. bear with me.
    God is a pure spirit, innocent and virgin. If God were not an innocent virgin, God would not be God.
    Jesus said: “The Father and I are one” Jesus is one with the innocent and virgin God, the Father.
    God is a pure spirit, innocent and virgin. Mary, Immaculate, is spouse of the Holy Spirit, innocent and virgin. Therefore, Mary, Immaculate, is an innocent and pure virgin.
    If Jesus had fallen into sin, as slandered in the play Corpus Christi, Jesus would have separated Himself from His innocent Father and forfeit His Divinity. Jesus would have had to die for His own sins and could not give us salvation. If Christ had sinned, as proclaimed in so many blasphemies, who would want to be Christ’s brother? Notice the blasphemers do not cling to Christ as their brother or even as a cousin as they blaspheme.
    If Mary Immaculate was not an innocent virgin, Mary would have separated herself from God, the Father, and Jesus Christ, God, the Son.
    A Trinity is necessary as the three Persons of the Trinity love One Another and bear testimony to the Truth of each One.
    In the Hypostatic Union, the Son of God assumes human nature and a rational soul. Christ maintains his Divinity, the spirit of God, His Father, and shares His divinity with His humanity.
    God is a Trinity of Persons. Through the Person of God, man is endowed with sovereign personhood. The sovereign personhood of man is most evident in free will. Man’s free will to live is man’s Right to Life. Man’s natural rights are endowed at the first moment of existence. Therefore, man’s existence is the criterion for the objective ordering of human rights.
    Snowflake babies, those embryos, frozen, thawed and implanted bear testimony to the sovereign personhood and free will of man to live.
    The devil is person. The sovereign personhood of the devil is used to subvert the Truth of God. The chief form of worship of the devil is the Black Mass. The Black Mass is giving to the devil the person who belongs to God. The next form of worship of the devil is fornication. Sodomy is not fornication. Even the devil knows that. Sodomy is abuse of the human body, and like pornography is a lie about human sexuality. An individual cannot lie to the devil. Well, he can try.
    Gaia is a Goddess. There is no such thing as a Goddess. Only God is God. Mother Nature is a beautiful creation from the Creator. “It is not nice to fool Mother Nature”
    The cake bakers, the florists, the photographers who have declined to celebrate same-sex pseudogamy because pseudogamy is a lie about the covenant between God and man, that is a Sacrament called Matrimony, have sacrificed their profit and exposed themselves to the evil brought into their personal space, their human existence and their lives. As sovereign persons recognized by the state (government) as citizens, these business proprietors, have already sacrificed themselves for the truth “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” These persons have offered the truth to our posterity to build the future of our nation. To penalize their sacrifice is the ultimate in “prohibiting the free exercise thereof” of the First Amendment.
    “Pseudogamy” is a word coined by Anthony Esolen. “It is not nice to fool Mother Nature” is an ad for Parkay® “Man’s existence is the criterion for the objective ordering of human rights” is from Francisco Suarez.

  6. Philip: I am currently vice president of the Cecil County Right to Life. Our President is Dermot Mullan, father of two priests. Our Secretary is (name withheld), blind from birth, who gets on a train every morning and goes to Philadelphia where he teaches blind people to use computers. He (name withheld) cuts a stunning figure at the fair when people tell him that handicapped babies ought to be aborted. Once he asked: “what kind of disability are you talking about?” Our treasurer started the Cecil County Pregnancy Center. (…and my brother is on the board of the New Jersey State Right to Life)
    Thank you for the compliment.
    Now Donald, I hope you find this funny. Laughter is good for the digestion.
    Not knowing which end was up and being a totally illiterate computer approachee ( I could not use the word “hack”), I took pictures of my ten inch red hibiscus blooms, a whole back yard full. Not knowing which end was up on my cell phone camera, I inadvertently took selfies of my nose and squinted eye. After laughing for three weeks and being totally mortified, I showed the selfies of my nose to my daughters, who, after laughing for two weeks agreed that I needed photo shop.
    God is good.

  7. “How I wanted to say “Thank You” Sir Donald R. McCleary for our patriotic eagle.” –

    Wow, Don.
    Mary has just Knighted you – now of which realm would that be, I wonder?

    Your Scottish (I think) heritage, or is it perhaps a Papal Knight (which you arguably deserve) 🙂

  8. Mary De Voe.

    Your surrounded by greatness…President and secretary.

    Why is it the blind have better sight than most “normal” folks? Maybe it’s the sight gained in the heart.
    Have a good week.

  9. Complaint about the (otherwise appealing) video…listing the dog owner as it’s “parent”.
    The online pet-med store I get my dog’s pills from always seems to address me as “pet parent”. I explained to them that I’m actually the “owner”.
    Sorry, it looks like I’m failing at being amusing, etc.

  10. The atheist notion that once you are dead, there is no more of you, you have ceased to exist. The body and soul of the human being, including the secular humanists’ and the anti-theists’, no longer exists, not in time or in memory. Atheism does not believe in God, the human soul, or eternity outside of time. It is all about here and now. The grave mistake the secular humanists make is that our Founding Fathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison and all patriots are two hundred year old dead men who have no relevance in today’s Constitution and our world. The atheist by his very non-belief in the Divine Providence of God for mankind forfeits any hope for the future for our country from the past. The atheist believes that our Founding Fathers, who laid the foundation for freedom, are dead and gone forever. The atheist rejects the fact that the newly begotten human being in the womb is a new beginning for the whole human race, for today, for our future and for the embodiment of the past, “We, the people…”.
    The atheist believes that death is all any person has, ending any past, any present and any future, which by the way, is the exact definition of hell. Once you get to hell of you own accord, you are totally and emphatically forgotten, never remembered.
    Atheism is unconstitutional. Those embrace atheism, the atheist and the secular humanist must learn to appreciate free will and freedom, the joy of heaven here on earth.
    Roe v. Wade is not the Law of the Land, our Constitution and our posterity are, in Justice, the Law of the Land. Our ancestors and our posterity are us.

  11. “Good Republican and republican that I am, I think I will just stick with mister!”
    “Sir” is an ancient term to designate any person with more wisdom, (who probably would and should be knighted). Although I do not have such power in the physical realm, the Catholic Church does. The Knights of the Holy Sepulcher for one.
    Donald McClarey, if you are a Knight of Columbus you are already knighted. If not, what are you waiting for?

    Philip: Off to Mass. One Hail Mary.

  12. Philip: Jesus says He loves you.
    Don the Kiwi: ““How I wanted to say “Thank You” Sir Donald R. McCleary for our patriotic eagle.” –
    Wow, Don.
    Mary has just Knighted you – now of which realm would that be, I wonder?
    Your Scottish (I think) heritage, or is it perhaps a Papal Knight (which you arguably deserve)”
    Dear Sir/Madam is how one addresses the clerk of the court. Having had the need to represent myself in court,”pro se”, this is how I was instructed.
    Sir, I believe to be a shorter form of “Sire”, father of the nation, father of the people, or in Donald McClarey’s case, father of The American Catholic. I have to tell you, I did not appreciate those silly puppets until I realized Who they are: patriotic eagles, bears, chickens, who did I miss? I am good with that.

  13. Mary De Voe.

    Thank you. If there’s one message that is currently in great need it’s Gods Love for mankind. While in prison ministry this message more than the others brought tears, as it should for all sinners. God loves. Most times one isn’t privileged to know for certain that conversion is happening, especially prison, however it’s not our priority to know. We plant the seeds and pray for rain. Pull weeds along the way.
    When I started jail ministry it was because the Catholic 1 1/2 hours slot was empty. No Catholics to fill the Tuesday night. That changed. Our Lady and prisoner 16670 St. Maximilian Kolbe saw to it by giving me the courage to attend to these brothers and sisters.
    Yes. God Loves.

  14. Three pieces:
    Malachi Martin, 36 years as exorcist of the Vatican says that Medugorie is a Satanic Hoax. Martin cites the fact that at all apparitions at Fatima, La Salette, the Immaculate Conception at Lourdes, our Lady’s feet were visible. In the apparitions at Medugorie, Our Lady’s feet are covered by a cloud so the hooves cannot be seen.
    I have sanded the word Medugorie from the back of my rosaries and had them blessed.
    I accepted Medugorie since St. Padre Pio accepted Medugorie. Now, I have recanted Medugorie unless and until Our Lady shows her feet and her feet are not hooves.
    Carl Rogers confused sovereign personhood and personality. Carl Rogers called for the maturity of the person.”On Becoming a Person”. When people have sovereign personhood with which people constitute government and act rationally, it is the pursuit of Happiness for people to search for one’s destiny, one’s mature personality.
    “On Becoming a Person” only sowed despair, hopelessness. That is why HOPE and CHANGE carried so many votes. People were burdened with the idea that it is impossible to achieve one’s whole person here in this life.
    People are endowed with sovereign personhood at the very first moment of existence. Sovereign personhood is a faculty of the rational soul. It is the exercise of sovereign personhood for the perfecting of our personalities that brings us joy. Knowing that we, the people, are persons and achieving and pursuing our Joy, that is, our personalities, is who “We, the people” as each individual become.
    And, now, that Obama has his eye on the wilderness of Alaska, it is important to recall how bill clinton wrote an executive order making all free lands and waterways his own and belonging to the chief executive in the White House. Clinton even included the Statue of Liberty and tried to give the Statue of Liberty to the U.N. Until the pitchforks came out..
    All free lands and waterways are owned in joint and common tenancy by each and every person. You own it all and I own it all. This is why the public square cannot exclude religion. Otherwise it is taxation without representation and the people, “We, the people,” have become beasts of burden to the state. Of course the state cannot own a person but taking everything he possess is getting close. This is why the government has reneged on its contracts to lease government lands for grazing cattle, causing chaos. This is why government has shut down government and taken the Mass out of the military bases and leased space of government property to restaurants. See INDWELLERS. Government found that people living in national parks on nation land cannot be forced out.
    With Hillary looking for a 2016 run for the White House, owning Alaska would really put Sarah Palin in her place.
    Owning the whole world when the New World Order comes to be will really give Hillary a boost up the ladder to divinity.
    Remember Hillary tried to imprison doctors for two years in federal prison for practicing medicine without her permission. Hillarycare criminalized the practice of medicine and removed free will from the citizen. Move over Gaia. Move over Mother Nature. It is not butter.

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