PopeWatch: Papal Evenglow Lodge

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  1. The best bit was; “It should be a very nice place as long as they don’t serve any of that terrible German food! Talk about war crimes!” Lol.

  2. Tom D.

    Mengele’s by the Sea. A great eatery specializing in German / Polish fair.
    It opened in July of ’49.
    Retired doctor couldn’t wait to bring his SSausages and Kraut to a land ripe for German heroes.

  3. The Angel of Death mentality is alive and well. Eugenics is discussed in circles today, as if we were living in Nazi Germany in ’39. It’s the rotten fruit from the pro-abort camp. Desensitized and arrogant. A breed of mini-Mengeles pondering the final solution of groups unworthy to share space on earth.

    Evenglow Lodge?? Beware dear occupants…retired popes will be on their lists.

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