Established Churches

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Instapundit gives an example of the type of established churches we have on many campuses in this land:


Members of the Virginia Tech football team have been accused of acting disrespectfully at a campus sexual assault awareness event.

Players were required to attend a Take Back the Night event on March 26. The event was organized by a campus female activism group and featured sexual assault survivors speaking about their experiences as victims. Multiple attendees accused the players of infringing upon the “safe space” the event is intended to foster, according to The Roanoke Times.

Take Back the Night is a national organization that seeks “to end sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse and all other forms of sexual violence.”

Several attendees wrote letters to the student newspaper, the Collegiate Times, complaining about the players’ behavior. The players arrived late, said they did not know why they were attending the event and spent much of the time looking at their phones, the letters said.

“[T]heir judgmental remarks made it very hard to feel safe,” one wrote. “When survivors took the stage, there was nothing respectful in the way the football team took it, especially in reference to transgender survivors. I am deeply offended and horrified by the disrespectful nature that the players displayed.”

Honey, you’re a caricature. Your pointless, politicized event got all the respect it deserved, and then some. Generally speaking, captive audiences aren’t especially appreciative. More here: “Womanspace at Virginia Tech, a campus organization for feminist activism, has coordinated the event at Tech for 26 years, with this year’s version featuring speakers from the transgender community as well as survivors of sexual assault.”

UPDATE: From the comments: “I was born and raised in Cuba. I have certain memories of staged rallies.”

Go here to read the comments.  This story reads just like a story circa 1935 where old grads would complain about how the students were conducting themselves at a mandatory chapel event.  The left has installed their substitute religions as de facto established churches wherever they have the power to do so, and woe unto those who do not abase themselves before the new gods.


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  1. I am convinced that this is but yet another weapon of the “crush masculinity/ fatherhood etc” machine–all done by diabolically using a good (rape is bad) as deceitful camouflage for their intent to destroy normal societal functioning.
    Our moral atrophy has been but a case of decades of Christianity hiding in the social justice closet while all the perverted passions are coming out with their demons as cheerleaders.

  2. They complain about rape yet want to be libertine sexual hedonists. Really! Liberal. Progressive. Democrat.

  3. “Our moral atrophy has been but a case of decades of Christianity hiding in the social justice closet…”

    Actually, now the social justice crowd has a new cause in “transgender survivors”

  4. Our culture is the way it is today in large measure because Christian Churches especially the Catholic Church lost it’s courage to stand-up for Christian morality and decided that ‘opening it’s windows to the world’ was the way to become relevant and influential. Now, in the most ironic turn of events, some in Vatican leadership wish accept and support our cultural corruption. It will take an Act of God to help turn this around.–many many.

  5. Don Lond: “I am convinced that this is but yet another weapon of the “crush masculinity/ fatherhood etc” machine–all done by diabolically using a good (rape is bad) as deceitful camouflage for their intent to destroy normal societal functioning.”
    This is another weapon as the deceitful camouflage for their intent to destroy the image of God in man, the sovereignty of God over man and the sovereign person. Rape is especially heinous because it violates the sovereignty of the victim to give informed consent, a free will act, to the (act) crime. Any and every crime is a violation of God’s law and the image of God in the human being, the proof of a man’s soul, the metaphysical part of man, the human being. It was the burden of proof on Sarah Weddington of Roe v. Wade that was not forthcoming. It was Roe’s burden to prove that there was no human soul with sovereign personhood in the newly begotten human person in the womb. A miscarriage of Justice is a crime.

  6. The New Millenials understand that they are sovereign persons made in the image of God, probably visited by the souls of 60 million innocents murdered in the womb. Anyone under the age of 41 is a survivor of genocide in America.

  7. “Requiring people to go to an event encroaches on that safe space,” Sahai [Womanspace co-President Malavika Sahai] said. “If you don’t want to be there, you really shouldn’t be there.”

    Compulsory attendance would appear to have been imposed by “Athletic Director Whit Babcock and coach Frank Beamer,” as part of their own programme.

  8. My favorite line: “honey, you’re a caricature”
    also Love that photo graphic
    petulant (adj.)
    1590s, “immodest, wanton, saucy,” from Middle French petulant (mid-14c.), from Latin petulant …”wanton, froward, saucy, insolent,” present participle of petere “to attack, assail; strive after; ask for, beg, beseech”… Meaning “peevish, irritable”
    first recorded 1775, probably by influence of pet (n.2).
    Related: Petulantly.

  9. No. The inquisition had set rules and procedures about things like “evidence.” The inquisition also kept better records.

  10. Ernst: Point well-taken. The only things these people accomplish are massive, unnecessary hells here and in the hereafter.

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