Yeah, He’ll Never Go To Jail

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  1. “Cupich to pro-lifers: Drop dead.”
    He’s said it before, after all. This one’s just a little more subtle.

  2. So +Cupich and Senator Durbin, besides blowing raspberries to the pro-life community,
    are also declaring:
    A) They believe it’s more important to keep the Democrats in power than it is to respect
    the rule of law, especially the immigration laws currently on the books.
    B) They believe it is more important to grow the Democrat’s voter base by flooding the
    market with unskilled immigrant workers than it is to employ our native-born youth and
    minorities. Currently, one in six American youths are unemployed, and the unemployment
    rate for Black youth is 400% higher than the overall national rate.
    C) They believe it is more important to increase the number of Democrat voters at the
    expense of taxpaying citizens who will inevitably be called upon to finance the expansion
    of multitudes of government services, infrastructure, and benefits for our newly-imported
    D) They believe it is more important to pad Democrat voter rolls than it is to improve the
    lot of blue-collar Americans, whose real incomes are likely to stagnate as the labor market
    is flooded. The financial benefits of importing cheap labor will accrue to big business and
    stockholders, with middle-class America footing all of the social costs.

  3. +Cupich appearing anywhere with Durbin is nauseating. If I ever met him I would tell him that to his face.

  4. Cupich makes it plain and simple…he is a new member of the “Chicago Way.”

    What a surprise… 🙁

  5. 2) “my successor will die in prison”
    On this second prediction, there has to be a caveat. And that caveat is this: provided the successor in question is ready and willing to defend, with courage, the sacred dogmas of the Catholic Church.
    With so many controversial prelates, bishops and cardinals out there, will the successor to Cardinal Francis George be willing to go to prison for Church dogmas?
    With sadness we have to say the signs so far are not too good. But we shall continue to pray for the Lord to give all of us the spirit of Fidelity to Church Doctrine, and the spirit of Repentance.

  6. I don’t wonder what ‘heritage stories’ and ‘feelings’ the shepherd of the Faith will be led to support by the part of the flock advising him.

  7. My own prediction is that Bishop Cupich won’t be in Chicago very long. Regardless of his theological bent, he just doesn’t feel like a Chicago guy.

  8. They say priests are judged by our good God most strenuously, and that more priests are denied heaven than we can imagine. What a perfect illustration of this adage. Now if Cupich were instructing the errant Senator …. Alas …

  9. Alas no Cardinal George. Your successor will likely be a chaplain for the persecutors.

    That’s oddly positive, Donald! Considering that even if he throws in utterly, he’s still a Catholic priest– and thus won’t ever manage to go far enough to avoid being one of the first targeted, should the persecutors win. Makes sense, really– he and those like him are willing to betray the Church’s teachings on things like immigration law, and now the slaughter of children and the weak; why would they be thought trustworthy beyond when tactics demands it?

    I don’t think they’ll move fast enough to outrun the truth, but I’m a well-known optimist on such things.

  10. That’s oddly positive, Donald! Considering that even if he throws in utterly, he’s still a Catholic priest– and thus won’t ever manage to go far enough to avoid being one of the first targeted, should the persecutors win.

    I have little doubt there are an ample population of those employed by Catholic institutions who would be readily suborned a la Fr. Josef Plojhar.


    The evangelicals have their counterparts. Religion News Service is now gay astroturf and gets 55% of its budget from the Arcus Foundation, run by ubercreep Kevin Jennings.

  11. “This article and website seems to have no shortage of angry tinfoil hat wearers.”

    Waiter–I’m sorry, but my troll is lukewarm and uninspired. Have the chef prepare me a more interesting one, please.

  12. “Please Patricia this site has standards. If you wish to have troll status here you will need to try better than that.”


  13. I really disagree that the original article, or the event that it describes, is a black mark against the bishop. I wouldn’t say the reaction is in the tinfoil range, but it is disproportionate. It’s internet-y.

  14. Durban does not care if the immigrants are Catholic he only cares if they are democrats. What about B. C.? Maybe Durban would be happy if Hispanic immigrants were democrats and had the abortion rate of Black Americans. Yes, that is what Obama administration wants from charities who minister to immigrants. Make sure that their babies are aborted, but most of all make sure they vote democrat. Feed planned parenthood and feed the democrat party.

  15. “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money” — Margaret Thatcher

    It is even truer with the falling birthrates around the world, it can be said:
    “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s children” — Tim, The church has lost its faith and fidelity towards the American people. They stand next to politicians that have given us the destruction of marriage, children and our families and publically call us racist.

  16. sadly, Blaise has forgotten that Blaise, orthodox bishop & martyr, died in prison….. with those candles…. not a business suit & comfy couch & political hacks….

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