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The long weekend has given me an opportunity to view blog statistics.  Here are the top 10 viewed posts of all time at The American Catholic:

Google’s Top 25 Catholic Websites                                                             73,094
A Map Of How Americans View Europe                                                    48,007
Our Lady of Akita: Pray for Japan!                                                             31,283
Top 25 Catholic Blogs by Technorati Authority                                       29,217
What is The American Catholic?                                                                28,420
National Atheist Day                                                                                     26,255
The Best Pro-Life Video Ever!                                                                     16,727
Last Eye Witness to the Lincoln Assassination                                        15,813
Booming Traditional Religious Orders!                                                     14,972
Top 15 Misconceptions About Catholics                                                    14,138

Here are the top ten viewed posts for the past year:

Professor Douglas Kries on Cupich                                                              9,772
Google’s Top 25 Catholic Websites                                                               9,497
PopeWatch: Junipero Serra                                                                            7,071
What is The American Catholic?                                                                    5,642
Converts                                                                                                              4,695
The One Unforgivable Modern Sin                                                                4,433
Martin Treptow’s Pledge                                                                                  4,369
The Myth of Candida Moss                                                                              4,241
Evil on the March                                                                                              4,240

PopeWatch: Think Hard About This                                                             4,125

More to explorer

Ignorance, Sheer Ignorance

  The Left is becoming a stronghold of ignorant yahoos:   Just outside downtown Dunn, N.C., a historic antebellum-style house honors Maj.

Fifty Years

Hattip to commenter Dale Price.  My motto has always been:  “Slay all the Lunies, and let God sort ’em out!”

Deep State? What Deep State?

Surprise!:     Who would have thought that, this deep into the Russia collusion probe, we’d be learning about yet another dossier

One Comment

  1. The 1937 movie, ‘Nothing Sacred’, has a scene wherein elderly Dr. Donner speaking to a reporter (Fredric March) for the ‘Morning Star’ says to the effect: I knew you were a reporter, I can smell them. Excuse me while I open the windows. The hand of God reaching into the mire couldn’t lift one above degradation! …
    The Main Stream Media at work on reality.
    May The American Catholic be sustained.

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