Liberal Media Turning on Hillary Clinton, Accusing Her of ‘Lying’

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The Washington Post, and now MSNBC have begun to question the political aptitude and acumen of Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton.

When Clinton’s allies, the liberal media, begin to question your own competence as well as reinforcing the worst possible traits associated with your last name, you are beginning to paint yourself into a corner.

Madame Secretary needs to apologize sooner rather than later for this current scandal in order to mitigate the accusations of of a cover-up.

The American people are a forgiving bunch, but only to a certain extent.  If Madame Secretary waits too long, hoping that this will all go away on its own, her aspirations for the Presidency may be finished before the end of this year.

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  1. “Madame Secretary needs to apologize sooner rather than later for this current scandal in order to mitigate the accusations of of a cover-up.”

    Do WHAT?!?!

    The low information voter may accept her apology–but I never will. She has plainly committed a felony & is disqualified from holding any office.

  2. Isn’t Hillary the best thing Republicans have going for them right now what with all the Trump madness in the air?

  3. “Religions beliefs must change for sake of abortion.” Madame Secretary-

    Let the shipwreck be swallowed into the dark abyss.

    If she repents, may her soul be salvaged.

  4. There’s a meme going around on Facebook that shows pictures of Snowden & Hillary next to each other. Each picture says that same thing at the top: (something like) gave up classified information. then at the bottom of Snowden’s pic, it says, “wanted for Treason” and at the bottom of Hillary’s it says, “wanted for President.” There’s another one comparing Nixon’s lies to her lies. Why is his worse? only because he happened to have an (R) after his name. I really pray that people will wake up. It’s bizarro world.

  5. In the clip the commentator mentioned the Clinton camp “plays by a different set of rules,” and it is finally about time the rope that has been taken out one inch at a time, (lies), is making the noose that hopefully will end her political career.

  6. I recall that some time ago, Hillary uttered the phrase, “That requires the willing suspension of disbelief”. I don’t recall the context of it but it seems that is exactly what one needs to do to believe what she is saying in regard to this scandal. Another phrase comes to mind. “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. I won’t judge the state of her soul but I will question the state of any person’s mind still willing to vote for her.

  7. I think it was Joseph Sobran who coined the tern “The Hive” to describe the behavior of various elements which made up the nexus of which the Democratic Party is the incorporated electoral vehicle. They’re getting the idea that the Hillary project is a losing proposition so now they’re working in their self-organizing way on plan B. Being bruited about is the idea that the Administration is trying to grease the wheels for Joseph Biden, who seems amply qualified to be the President of an Idiocracy.

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