Illegal Immigration: Cui Bono?

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A brilliant ad in which Ted Cruz points out the fact that in our immigration debate, short shrift is given to Americans who have to compete with illegal aliens for low end jobs.  Few policy debates in contemporary America are more class driven than the immigration debate.  Upper class Americans can be advocates for illegal immigration, knowing that they and their kids will never have to compete with an illegal alien for a job, that they will not live in a neighborhood suddenly inundated with illegal aliens and the criminal gangs that often follow in their wake, and that they will benefit from cheap servants and cheap labor in businesses that employ illegals, and, if they are Democrats, future voters.  Would to Heaven that I could say that there was any difference between this attitude of limousine liberals and that of the prelates of the Church in this country, but there really is not.  The attitude is quite simply one of, “I will do good, at least in my eyes, and you, the American poor, will pick up the tab.”

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  1. That is a great ad. But whatever you may think of him, we can thank Donald Trump for dragging this issue back into the Overton Window. The donor class must be freaking out.

  2. And heaven forbid if the ones that pay the price dare complain— even if it’s a lady out for a day with her dad, murdered in cold blood.
    Heck, I’m not even supposed to notice how expensive my car insurance is, due to the large number of uninsured drivers.

  3. Good luck President Ted with getting funding from Congress to achieve that worthy goal. See, because the GOP congressional leadership is just as resistant to securing that border as the Democrats in Congress are. Never mind that keeping the border porous hurts the GOP. That being, great ad. It’s 100% right.

  4. Illegal immigration seems to be one of the few issues on which Republican and Democrat leadership barely differ. Seems the only difference is why they each favor it (cheap labor v. future votes). Good luck trying to get anything to change when both illusory sides of the aisle agree.

  5. I wasted my time going to vote for McCain and Romney. This time, I won’ bother. They’re all (one for cheap labor; one for votes) fundamentally transforming the USA into a Latin nation.

  6. I don’t think it has as much to do with cheap labor or future voters as it does with making up for the birth dearth that undermines the major social welfare programs.
    Cheap labor and future voters are fringe benefits.

  7. My wife’s daughter from a previous marriage (husband is deceased) is a registered nurse in the Philippines and cannot come over to the US without waiting for years to get a work Visa. My boss at work joked by suggesting she should get on a boat and pretend to be an illegal Musloid or Hispanic. One thing is certain: once she understands what is going on, she certainly will not vote Demoncrap when she becomes a citizen. But as things are going now, will Conservatives still be free and unimprisoned by that time?

  8. Ilegal Latin Americans artificially inflate the AmChurch numbers, concealing the freefall. Many will find themselves in evangelical sects within a couple of generations. Church needs numbers to bolster its position as a Democrat PAC. And, as always, there is the incessant moral preening to assure your peers that you’re the right sort.

  9. On paper, the parish with a Spanish Mass is about three time the size of any of the other parishes in our group. I know that for the weekly charity count-up they’re less than half the size, and by the less finance driven response to the Annual Appeal (they report what % have responded, and one of the options is “I’ll pray for you”), if we assume the same response rate as my parish (which also has a non-English Mass, but not Spanish) then they are about a quarter of that size.

    That’s number of families registered, too.

    For the parish I grew up in… we were the only non-Spanish parish served by that priest (multiple satellite parishes), and between the pressure of most of the members being illegal and most of the money coming from Seattle folks with vacation homes, there wasn’t much room for orthodoxy. They actually got a priest removed from the area after doing a sermon on the indissolubility of marriage.
    (One of the big parish council women was divorced, after being abandoned with the two kids. She was quite vocal about looking for a replacement, to the point that my mom had to quit trying to be involved with the parish council because she suggested that maybe God didn’t need quite as many specs on the prospects as the lady was laying out.)
    (there’s a blessed REASON I’ve made no secret that I know how messed up things can be. 😀 )

  10. Trump and Cruz are right. The American born working man has no friends.

    . He is being sold out by Union bosses who collect his dues and give it to the Democrat party who support immigrant friendly politicians and laws that help maintain the union bosses in power.

    . He lives in fear that he will be replaced by a lower waged worker or a machine.

    . He is being shamed by his Church who has no sympathy for his plight but only desires to increase it’s membership.

    . Politicians pay him lip service to get his vote but sell him out for campaign contributions and votes.

    It is time for a revolution. Hopefully, Trump or Cruz will be elected to bring it off and the American working man will realize he has been screwed all these year by folks who said they were on his friends.

  11. as it does with making up for the birth dearth that undermines the major social welfare programs.

    Nope. Were that the issue, it could be finessed with the admission of about 400,000 settler-immigrants through legal channels if pro-natalist tax policy were ineffective. As we speak, permanent residency is granted to over 1 million people per year on top of the roughly 250,000 illegal aliens who arrive every year.

  12. The donor class must be freaking out.

    The freak out was in the destruction of Gov. Walker’s campaign. He’d equivocated on a number of issues to please his donors.

  13. Hopefully, Trump or Cruz will be elected to bring it off and the American working man will realize he has been screwed all these year by folks who said they were on his friends.

    All well and good, but what is to prevent them from selling out or “growing in office” once elected?

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