And to Amend My Life

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Chaplain: I think it’s up to each one of us to interpret what God wants.

Dying Doctor: So people can do anything? They can rape, they can murder, they can steal, all in the name of God, and it’s ok?

Chaplain: That’s not what I’m saying.

Dying Doctor: What are you saying? Because all I’m hearing is some New Age, God is love, one-size-fits-all crap! I don’t have time for this now!

Chaplain: I understand.

Dying Doctor: No, you don’t understand! You don’t understand! How could you possibly say that? No, you listen to me. I want a real chaplain who believes in a real God and a real hell.

ER:  Atonement-Season 14, Episode 13




David Griffey at Daffey Thoughts brings us the above video which powerfully explains why cheap grace saves absolutely no one.  God is all Just and all Merciful and when we forget either of those attributes we are lost indeed.

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  1. Is he a Catholic (never watched the show)? If so, can’t he get a Catholic priest to take Confession? If not, does he really need a minister? For what? To tell him that he might go to hell for an understandable mistake in knowledge? Quibbles and questions aside, I liked the clip.

  2. Excellent clip. Very touching. The man seeks redemption but doesn’t know how to get it. It appears he is not a Catholic. Implication: we should be thankful we are Catholics who can find redemption in confession, penance and amendment of our lives.

  3. Unfathomable Mercy is Gods great gift.
    He knows each man’s heart!
    The clip is moving indeed and the gift of our Holy Sacraments is priceless. To be a bedside consoler at the end of ones life is a blessing or a curse. I’m glad that this sequence was shared because it is realistic. Having been asked to pray for an Atheist at her request was a moment when blessings abounded.
    She called upon the Holy Name of Jesus over and over after our prayer time. She welcomed Him into her heart before she died.
    Her final destination is unknown but she asked for help.
    This same woman, three years prior, complained about prayers being said at our group home before meals. She won.
    The management discontinued the practice of public prayer before meals. When her time was nearing she begged for heavenly help.

  4. The clip brought to mind my 90 year old father’s last days in hospice. It was a short stay and my dad was well taken care of physically and spiritually. A priest visited him for the sacraments and a friend brought Holy Viaticum on several occasions. One afternoon the nursing center chaplain, a female Unitarian minister, stopped by. My mother was so startled, but ever the lady was polite. She explained that we were a practicing Catholic family and thanked her for stopping by. Luckily my convert dad was asleep. He considered it a half baked philosophy, hardly a religion….. The Church of Nothing or maybe trying to be The Church of Everything. My dad was wearing a brown scapula and I knew by his breathing that death was imminent. So I held his hand and read aloud the prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. When I had finished I saw that he had stopped breathing.

  5. WOW Cam …. what a tender, gentle moment! – the sacrament of penance is so marvelous i think – wherein i am the prosecutor, the accused, the judge [ thank God Jesus knows me better than me] all at the same time. – i fall short of what i think Jesus expects of me by ommission and comission but i take great comfort in the following and so should you……
    The devotion to Jesus, King of Love began on August 17th, 1922, when Our Lord manifested Himself to Yvonne Beauvais, a young French woman sojourning in the monastery of the Augustinian Canonesses of the Mercy of Jesus at Malestroit in Brittany, France. Addressing Yvonne, Jesus said: Morning and evening say, O Jesus, King of Love, I put my trust in Thy loving mercy.

    On March 18, 1927, Yvonne Beauvais entered the community of Malestroit, and on September 29, 1931, she pronounced her perpetual vows as Mother Yvonne-Aimée de Jésus. After a life of extraordinary love and of great sufferings accepted in faith, the King of Love called Mother Yvonne-Aimée to Himself on February 3, 1951.

  6. He was holding a Rosary, or what looked like one. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean he is Catholic, or perhaps a lapsed Catholic trying to find the way home? My mother died with a Rosary around her neck, and she was not Catholic. I’m honestly not sure she was much of anything, except abandoned by the Episcopal Church. That was many years ago.

  7. DJH.

    Take heart.
    She is a child of our Lady. What she experienced in her church and possible pain she carried, was relinquished at death. Why?
    Somehow a Holy Rosary was placed on her person, and in some marvelous way a Mother she never knew took her by the hand, and introduced her to her Son, the King of Mercy.
    More than nice sentiments… this is a Trust in Jesus. He is the final Judge. Thanks be to God. Peace be upon you.

  8. Paul Coffey, thank you for the explanation of the Jesus of Love devotion. I was not familiar with Yvonne Beauvais, the apparition and devotion.
    This is why I enjoy The-American-Catholic posts and comments so much -a wide variety of subjects covered, especially those about our Faith, and many points of view expressed from readers all over the world and of different life and faith experiences.

  9. …And To Amend My Life. Amen…The Act of Contrition, a powerful, necessary prayer to be recited before receiving the Holy Eucharist and before bedtime…and in times of potential or real duress.

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