Orwellian Original Sin

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Stephanie S. at The Right Geek has some interesting thoughts on Social Justice Warriors, and what a pretentious term that is, and Original Sin.



The SJW’s version of Original Sin does not apply to everyone equally. If you’re white, you’re more guilty than a “person of color.” If you’re straight, you’re more guilty than someone who is gay. If you are “comfortable” with your “assigned gender,” you’re more guilty than someone who is trans. If you’re a man, you’re more guilty than a woman. The list goes on and on. And because identity is “intersectional,” the formulae are even more intricate than the above binaries would suggest; indeed, you basically have to sit down and explicitly rack up your “victim points” to figure out just how much sin you have to expiate. The higher your point total, the less you are required to examine yourself, purge your hidden hatreds, and control your own behavior. Thus, a white, heterosexual, “cis-male” is the lowest of scum and must flagellate himself constantly to make up for it…
 … while someone who is black, “pansexual,” and “genderfluid” is free to be as vicious and as abusive as “they” like — because, of course, “they’re” obviously “punching up.”

The SJW’s worldview is not only byzantine in its complexity; it’s also protean in its application. Just when you think you’ve finally figured it out, the SJW pulls a Lucy with her football and goes off to change the ground rules. Consider the issue of “representation.” The most reputable studies indicate that, for example, somewhere between two to six percent of the population is gay. It stands to reason, then, that in order to truly “represent the world as it is,” my writer friends should make sure that two to six percent of the characters they create are gay. Right? Right? Nope — not in SJW Land! For the SJW, the fact that gay people have appeared in virtually every modern television program that I’ve ever watched – and often in very visible roles – still does not satisfy. As John Trent reports today at The Federalist, she wants already established characters – like Captain America – to hop onto the rainbow bandwagon. And I suspect she’d find other reasons to complain even if Steve did get himself a boyfriend because, for the SJW, there is no endgame — no final objective she can clearly define.

The “social justice” movement, in short, is not True and Beautiful; instead, it has all the earmarks of an evil power grab. And as I’ve said many times before, we shouldn’t stand for it.   

Go here to read the rest.  Ah George Orwell, you lived a century too soon!   The key to understanding the contemporary left is that they take Orwell’s phrase, Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others, from Animal Farm, as a basic truth of human life and not as a satirical comment on Stalinism.  For the left today is all about racism, sexism and every other form of prejudice imaginable.  They embrace such prejudices as sacred truths and merely invert the old hierarchies.  That the loudest purveyors of this evil rubbish are often white, straight males, seeking power and status, only adds to the darkly comedic aspect of those who shout tolerance today usually being the most intolerant, small-minded bigots imaginable.  Much of the far left today has morphed into a bizarre cult that is antithetical to Christianity, freedom and reason itself, and seeks to found a new world that is a negative image of the most hatful aspects of our world.

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  1. The Left is a machine for seizing and retaining power.
    That observation, courtesy of Anthony DeMarco on the neoreactionary podcast Ascending the Tower tells you all you need to know about the Left. They will say and do anything to gain advantage or maintain their hold on power. Yesterday, rape was the worst threat facing women in the West; today, you’re probably a right-wing racist for wanting women to be able to walk the streets safely at night. Yesterday, the ideal was a color-blind society; today, woe betide you if you fail to display the most exquisite sensitivity to the “lived experience” of “people of color”.
    In short, they have no principles whatsoever, and they have a complete disregard for intellectual consistency. If today it serves their interests to insist that black is white, and tomorrow that black is green, they will do so without the least sense of shame and with a moralizing fervor that would make a Salafist imam blush.

  2. It also has a reverse baptism– traitors to their (victim group) are as low as the lowest.
    You are a traitor if you don’t do what they believe is right for your victim group– for example, a pro-life woman is a traitor. A black man who works hard and succeeds, or who won’t blame others when he fails, is a traitor. Pro-gun-rights homosexual, ditto. (Guns can be OK, if it’s a matter of arming the less-guilty to kill the conservative white guys and the traitors.)

  3. Also, the left is a religion. Anybody that disagrees is a heretic. The left could teach a thing or two to the Spanish Inquisition.
    I’m most grievously guilty on all counts. Make the most of it, girls.

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