Liberalism as Power Grab

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David Griffey at Daffey Thoughts gets to the essence of contemporary liberalism:

That aging feminists are invoking the fires of hell and old sexist stereotypes in order to corral the phallic-challenged among us into the Hillary pens?  This is liberalism.  The same that promised open mindedness and live and let live regarding gay rights, that last year had to assure us Kim Davis is the only person who will ever go to jail over gay rights.  Trust them.  It will never, ever happen again.

This is the same liberalism that equated record stores that wouldn’t play Madonna albums with McCarthyism and kristallnacht.    The same that now sides with bans against Chick fil A over its founder’s beliefs about gay marriage.  Even if it means elected officials using the legislature to ban the restaurants from their cities.

This is the same liberalism that venerated George Carlin and his pleas for a completely open society where anyone can say anything, no matter how offensive to established values.  The same that now considers it hateful and offensive to point out that men can’t have babies and seeks to eradicate offensive speech from the public forum.

This is the same liberalism that insisted women should never be attacked when they courageously come forward in sexual harassment cases.  The same liberals and feminists who stood silently by as Bill Clinton’s White House attacked and destroyed every woman who came forward and accused him of sexual harassment. 

This is the same liberalism that stood by as Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Joe Liebermann and Herman Cain were on the receiving end of words and phrases that the same liberals once would have decried as sexist, anti-Semitic, and racist.  Why then, oh why, is everyone running around shocked that hyper liberal feminist activists like Gloria Steinem or former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright would use phrases and arguments that sound suspiciously tike the sexism and fundamentalism that have been the very thing from which liberalism promises to rescue us?

By now we should realize there is no liberalism.  There never has been.  There is not even a movement that particularly cares about sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, censorship, intolerance or open mindedness.  There is merely a new revolutionary world order that seeks to impose itself on society, and will use any trick at the moment to achieve its ends.  Those who have long believed that this movement is the only one that cares might want to wake up and smell the latte.

Liberalism today is the use of the power of the State to enforce conformity to the will of the far left.  As the quote from John Stuart Mill at the head of this post indicates, it has nothing to do with liberalism of the nineteenth century where, at least in the US and the Anglo-sphere it was a liberating philosophy.  Liberalism has morphed into a philosophy of subjugation and servitude.


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  1. The problem with liberalism is its own incoherence. Rather than seeking the common good, it seeks to eradicate discrimination by discriminating, destroy poverty by destroying wealth, and free the masses by limiting their options.

  2. Liberalism is a mental disorder. It’s adolescent, bizarre, comic book, weird. It is illusion, fantasy, delusion, pipe-dream; a program that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve.
    They are Democrats and other liars . . . decadent, foolish, ideological . . .
    AGW is a socialist scam.
    Nihilistic narcissist . . . saboteurs and traitors.
    At war with reality . . . utterly ignorant of reality. “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
    Instapundit: “Leftism is a religion. It’s just a shitty one that promises heaven on earth, while always yielding something closer to hell.” And, “Immigration policy is all about cheap labor and bought votes for both parties. […] this kind of behavior from the Bipartisan Governing Party is why we get Trump. And, if things go on, will get someone much worse than Trump.”
    They think they can solve any problem. However, their only objectives are control and power.

  3. Alain Badiou, the Grand Old Man of the French Left (he was the long-time Professor of Philosophy at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, the training college for university lecturers and high school principals) has made no secret of the core Liberal belief that “if you say A – strict egalitarian equality – you should not shirk from its consequences and gather the courage to say B – the terror needed to really defend and assert the A” and “Materialist dialectics assumes, without particular joy, that, till now, no political subject was able to arrive at the eternity of the truth it was deploying without moments of terror. Since, as Saint-Just asked: ‘What do those who want neither Virtue nor Terror want?’ His answer is well-known: they want corruption – another name for the subject’s defeat.”

    The Liberal press makes no secret of its contempt for those whose formula is “1789 without 1793”; those “sensitive liberals” who want a decaffeinated revolution, a revolution which doesn’t smell of a revolution.

  4. Liberalism delivers disappointment. It can never fulfill it’s promises. The resulting anger is what is driving today’s electorate. We need to bring back competitive Capitalism. What we have now is a liberal monopoly of government, big business and the medial which serves only it’s own interests.

  5. Liberalism is manifested by its magnificent success in dividing to conquer. The PC weapon has been diabolical genius, cunningly attacking man’s weakest link in his sinful nature–his pride.
    The most worshipped god in America today is the self. Liberalism has done wonders, on behalf of the diabolical, via the culture wars which then made the economic and political takeover a piece of cake–devil’s food cake.

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