Technology and Faith 2

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This time it’s ways to share your faith.  Humor!

Warning: if you are one of those people who finds humor in a religious context disrespectful, please do not read on; you will just get upset.  The first link has, for example, saints in heaven teasing one of their number and him becoming upset.  In my family’s tradition, there are two types of humor– one is disrespectful, and aimed at denigration; the other is loving, and meant to be something like a tickle.  Sometimes annoying, but meant to cause laughter and joy.  No love and it’s not funny.

We’re one day into Lent, so let’s not anybody go into situations that will outrage ya, ‘k?


In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, two comics, one set in heaven, and one set on– gasp!– facebook.  (Jason Bach and The Catholic Clips, respectively.)

Speaking of facebook, various geeky options are the Catholic Anime, Memes, and Video Games.  Probably many others, but given my social circle, that’s what I usually see.

Some were already mentioned, but I’m mentioning them again; B Movie Catechism (guardian angel BOOT TO THE HEAD!), LarryD’s Star Trek comics (Spock would be a good Catholic)  and SuburbanBanshee’s The Legend of St. Mena. Boot to the Head! (Don’t get the wrong idea; she’s a very scholarly sort, has a ton of translations out, usually things nobody else has done, but the translation she does for explaining why Saul may have started going by Paul that really sticks with me.)

Of course, CS Lewis seems to have had a lot of fun writing the Screwtape Letters, and heaven knows that many down the years have had fun elaborating on the theme. (Tom Simon, who coined the term “superversive,” has McStudge.  Not to be confused with laugh-out-loud humor, but a similar weary, worn, but… hopeful?… thread is in both of their writing.)

A perennial favorite is the Catholic Dictionary, which is rather in the vein of the Devil’s Dictionary.  It has entries like Amen- the only part of a prayer which everyone knows and Holy Water- chemical description H2Oly or Procession- the ceremonial formation at the beginning of mass, consisting of the priest, alter servers, and people who were late.  My favorite is probably recessional  hymn- final song of the mass, sung at half volume because half of the parish left immediately after communion or relics- people who have been going to mass for so long that they actually know when to stand, sit or kneel.

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