Artur Rosman Spits on Scalia

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Some Patheos “Catholic” hatred was  unleashed against Justice Scalia by blogger Artur Rosman last month:


In other words, Scalia’s nationalist god is an idol, not the Christian God.

You might say that in a pluralistic country like the United States we have no choice but to accept such watered-down idols in order to be free to worship the One True God. But such Migrations of the Holy, as the title of William T. Cavanaugh’s book I cite below calls them, have a price, a very steep price:

The deepest theological danger inherent in American exceptionalism, then, is that of the messiah nation that does not simply seek to follow God’s will, but acts as a kind of substitute god on the state of history. When the concept of chosenness becomes unmoored from the biblical narrative, the danger is that the nation will not only be substitute church but substitute god. When the shrine is emptied of the biblical God and replaced with the generic principle of transcendence, the danger is that we will not come to worship God but will worship our freedom to worship God. The empty shrine is surreptitiously filled. Our freedom itself becomes an idol, the one thing we will kill and die for.

Yes, what if, as some Americans like to say, “Freedom isn’t free?”

In the end, the cost of discipleship is going to be high, whether you end up serving the Prince of Peace in the Ecclesia Militans, or the American military  and America’s ruling markets.

Go here to read the rest.  Contending that a devout Catholic did not worship God is pretty stupid, as is the entire post.  I would frame my response more elegantly, but there is no substance to the cry of hatred  from Rosman against Scalia, who seems equally ignorant about Scalia, U.S. history and the U.S. Constitution.  Rosman is not just a “Catholic” blogger on Patheos.  He is also the manager of the Patheos Catholic Channel.  Why any faithful Catholic has anything to do with Patheos is beyond me.

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  1. Who actually reads Patheos? Is it just a liberal ghetto? What does “American Exceptionalism” have to do with the work Scalia actually did, which was to interpret a document according to an originalist philosophy? If anyone worships the Messiah State is it liberals who suck at Artur Rosmans teats when the want to feel Catholic for a few minutes. St. Corbinian forbade the Bear from harming men. But sometimes he wishes he could just gently hold their heads in his jaws for a couple of minutes, just as a joke.

  2. With the known exception of the larryd, there must be something in the water at Patheos that makes Catholics who have blogs there go full retard. A well known Catholic apologist who just moved to Patheos recently posted a snarky attack on Hillary White, the noted pro-life commentator. He called her a Catholic reactionary. Apparently, he didn’t like the fact she had a few choice words for Pope Francis. It must be a rite of passage at Patheos that you have to attack someone who is not a Francis fan or isn’t in love with Catholic traditions.

  3. Jonah Goldberg quoted at Instapundit, “If Scalia’s interpretation of the Constitution held sway in the land, the Court and the government would have much less power over our lives. And that, more than anything else, explains why the left hated him so much.”

    This “American exceptionalism” is simply one of the many calumnies leftists masquerading as Catholics fling at real Catholics that don’t hate America and our way of life.

  4. The only time I stumble into Patheteos is when following a link from Pewsitter. I then feel a little bit guilt that my “hit” might be counted by their webmaster and that a higher readership is inferred.

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