Deeply Offensive

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And warranting removing an author from the publication schedule.

A scifi author’s idea.

What was it? Some sort of high detail Soylent Green thing? Maybe bestiality or executing anyone who gets sick?

Nope. Here’s the author’s own words:

I didn’t want to do the same old same superior-vision-Matrix/Termintor-style-A.I.-hates-humanity-because-they’re-better-than-us schlock. I wanted to give the Thinking Machines a very real reason for wanting to survive. I didn’t want them just to be another one note Hollywood villain. I wanted the readers to empathize, as best they could, with our future Robot overlords because these Thinking Machines were about to destroy the planet and they needed a valid, if there can be one, reason why they would do such a thing. In other words, they needed a to destroy us in order to survive. So…

These Thinking Machines are watching every show streaming on the internet. One of those shows is a trainwreck of reality television at its worst called WeddingStar. It’s a crass and gaudy romp about BrideZillas of a future obsessed with material hedonism. In one key episode, or what they used to call “a very special episode” back in the eighties, the star, Cavanaugh, becomes pregnant after a Vegas hook up. Remember: this is the most watched show on the planet in my future dystopia. Cavanaugh decides to terminate her unplanned pregnancy so that her life, and impending marriage to the other star, Destry, a startup millionaire and Ralph Lauren model, isn’t ruined by this inconvenient event.

The Thinking Machines realize that one, if humanity decides something is a threat to its operational expectations within runtime (Thinking Machine-speak for “life”) then humanity’s decision tree will lead humanity to destroy that threat. Two, the machines, after a survey of humanity’s history, wars and inability to culturally unite with even members of its own species, realize that humanity will see this new Life Form, Digital Intelligence, or, the Thinking Machines, as a threat. And three, again they remind themselves this is the most watched show in the world. And four, they must abort humanity before likewise is done to them after being deemed “inconvenient.”

Now if you’re thinking my novel is about the Pro Choice/ Pro Life debate, hold your horses. It’s not. I merely needed a reason, a one chapter reason, to justify the things my antagonist is about to do to the world without just making him a one-note 80’s action flick villain as voiced by John Lithgow. I wanted this villain to be Alan Rickman-deep. One chapter. That’s all. The rest of the book is about the robots’ assault on a Game Development Complex that holds a dirty little secret to wiping out humanity.

So, the homicidal villains draw a conclusion from a convenience abortion as a justification to think that humans might be a threat to themselves, and it’s socially unacceptable as well as deeply offensive.

Guess the reasoning struck a little close to home.

h/t Shadowdancer.

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  1. Ah the tolerance and diversity of thought and open mindedness in liberal progressive Democrats. They know that they are evil and they know what they deserve.
    BTW, any who have sinned are deserving of the same fate. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

  2. If you want to support the author, Nick Cole, the book is Ctrl, Alt, Revolt, available on Amazon for 99 cents.
    It is not clear that Mr Cole is actually pro-life, just that he has used abortion as a plot device but apparently we can’t even have that.

  3. Updated the post so the link to his blog was more obvious; he might have some kind of a kick-back system for Amazon.
    He may not be “pro-life,” but he sure did mention that the emperor had no clothes.
    We should probably pray for the editor. She probably had a pain near her heart that was related to this.

  4. The last thing a dark soul wishes to contemplate is its contrast to purity, hence this editor’s liberal-style form of tolerance.
    Better that society has a darkened soul as a whole so the comparisons are close to equal.
    That is why God fearing conservatives who practice their faith and fidelity to Christian principals are such threats. They are contemplating the state of their sinfulness and striving to witness the gospel truths of God’s unfathomable love for all of us. To continue to support the sin of abortion and place a choke-hold on authors who are interested in revealing Truth is shameful cowardice and repulsive.

    “We should probably pray for the editor.”-

    No question. We must pray for the editor and all opposed to Truth.

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