PopeWatch: Trump

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Well, we now have a good idea what gets the Pope’s blood really flowing:

— Inserting himself into the Republican presidential race, Pope Francis on Wednesday suggested that Donald J. Trump “is not Christian” because of the harshness of his campaign promises to deport more immigrants and force Mexico to pay for a wall along the border.

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” Francis said when a reporter asked him about Mr. Trump on the papal airliner as he returned to Rome after his six-day visit to Mexico.


Go here to read the rest.  A few thoughts:

  1.  Pope Francis demeans his high office when he gets down in the mud to wrestle with Donald Trump.
  2. The comment reeks of politics and is unworthy of a priest of the Catholic Church let alone the Pope.
  3. At a time when Catholic politicians around the globe support abortion on demand, the Pope is reading people out of the Christian faith because they oppose illegal immigration?
  4. Does the Pope really believe this, or is this another Francis example of the mouth being engaged without the brain also being in operation?
  5. Assuming that the Pope does mean this, is he putting the Catholic Church on record as opposing any limits in regard to immigration, or does this just apply to the US?
  6. If Trump gets the nomination of the Republican party, heaven forbid, will the Pope be cutting election videos for his Democrat adversary?
  7. How does this comment accord with the Pope’s Year of Mercy?  (Poorly is the correct answer.)
  8. Should the Pope be bound and gagged to prevent any more off the cuff interviews, at least when he is traveling in an airliner?
  9. Would you pay to attend a Francis-Trump debate?
  10. The Pope has performed his first miracle in having PopeWatch feel a twinge of sympathy for a complete ass-in-Republican-clothing like Donald Trump.














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  1. “…and not building bridges,”

    What about digging tunnels, as the cartels have been doing to smuggle drugs along with illegal aliens?

  2. “At a time when Catholic politicians around the globe support abortion on
    demand, the Pope is reading people out of the Christian faith because they
    oppose illegal immigration?”

    And yet when questioned about the sinfulness of the gay lifestyle, this Holy
    Father shrugs and says “who am I to judge?”

  3. The only thing I’m grateful for during this pontificate is that my children are a tiny bit too young to pay attention. I really hope that the Lord will allow the next pope to get back to the traditional ways of thinking.

  4. That last comment I made was “your number 10 point” until a Trump surrogate grabbed my keyboard and commandeered it.

  5. Missy,
    Unfortunately most Cardinals, given image problems in media coverage of Popes, will vote for a Pope who loves all the poor and any illegal migrating of the poor. Christ said of the ten lepers He cured, when only one thanked Him…” were not ten cured,
    where are the other nine?” Because of that conservative realism about the poor by Christ, He could not get elected as Pope in this media age when Popes must love the poor uncritically….no requirements. If Christ right now could not get elected as Pope due to His comment on the nine ingrate lepers, anyone with remotely His expressed realism about the poor also will fail to reach the papacy. Media has changed the parameters of the papacy for the immediate future.
    The Nobel peace prize jury is watching. Christ driving out the money changers with a whip….that’s a no no. Bad image. Christ was walling them out of the temple area instead of building bridges with them through dialogue. Not Christian…image wise. Not electable as vicar of Himself.

  6. Holiness, practice these two words, recite them over and over until you have them memorized, then use them generously when speaking with the press:


  7. I am sorry, imho, for years, the Church has appeared to lead the charge in illegal immigration, at least to many people and this has been embarrassing for others. I have heard even of one case, hearsay, where Parishioners walked out on an immigration sermon.

    I would also like to know if Sanctuary Cities have ever had connections to the Catholic Church, my Church.

    Unfortunately, it looks like this whole school of thought has needed to be stood up to for a number of years.

  8. We are always met, in these discussions, with “Yeah-buts” about the accuracy of the quotes or of the translations.
    I say Yeah, but the message given on EWTN the other night, showing footage of the Pope praying at the international border, as the newsperson said, “for the thousands of people who lost their lives here” was a statement that transcended words. He apparently sees the U.S. as an unfeeling bully.
    Castros? Morales? not so much

  9. More fault appears to accrue to the government of Mexico for the desperate flight of so many from the horrendous conditions permitted to prevail in that benighted country, than to our imperfect response to uncontrolled migration.

  10. Your comment is awaiting moderation. (I misspelled my own name. Tie me up and put me on the hog train.)

    More fault appears to accrue to the government of Mexico for the desperate flight of so many from the horrendous conditions permitted to prevail in that benighted country, than to our imperfect response to uncontrolled migration.

  11. I do understand that the pope prayed at the border for “both” sides and that the issue is Very complex.
    I wish the pope would have “sided” with All the people concerned- not apparently one side.

  12. Mr. William P. Walsh, respectfully, articles show in recent years, that most crossing the Mexican border now are not from Mexico: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/10/border-security_n_5966952.html (or other sources). Also, it seems they say some large percentage, 40%(?) are those that overstay Visas. But I do agree, the Government of Mexico should be improved and events in recent years are even showing that local governments there now are ruling a lot.

    I’m not for Socialism everyone but the Zapatistas in Southern Mexico, Chiapas state may be the most adequate government down there in Mexico itself. We want Capitalism here, I’m not sure of the ramifications of Capitalism for Latin America really though and we don’t want dictatorships as in Cuba. In this, we do need to think out what would be best for the individual.

  13. TPC, Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the current situation. I have more in mind the corruption, the drug-gangs and murders, than the economics. Yet even so, I am not as well informed as I should like to be about Mexico. After all, their nasty revolution was quite a while ago.

  14. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus asked, “When do the walls around the Vatican come down?”

    They came down on 20 September 1870 and were restored by the Fascists on 11 February 1929, causing the 88 year old George Clemenceau to remark that Italia Irredenta had taken on a new meaning

  15. Too bad for the Democrats that the rules they have in place are designed to prevent someone like Sanders from winning the nomination then.

  16. Ernst, can you elaborate? I’m fearfully interested in why Sander’s won’t be nominated. I’m dreading the 100th anniversary of Fatima and the error of Communism spreading… to America.

  17. The short/broadly speaking answer is that the Democratic Party introduced Superdelegates into their nominating process after the debacle that was the 1972 McGovern campaign for the specific purpose of preventing an “out there” left wing nutjob from ever again capturing the nomination. This is why a statistical tie in Iowa translates into a Clinton victory, and a Sanders blow-out in New Hampshire translates into a narrow Sanders defeat. In terms of delegates won, that is.
    As long as the SuperDs pledged to Clinton hold to their (non-binding –that’s what makes them super) pledges to support her, Sanders needs to beat Hillary by something like a 2 to 1 margin in every state.
    And all that does is give him enough delegates (& notional “wins”) to wage a floor fight to try to flip the superDs to his side.

  18. I wonder if it ever occurred to Pope Francis as to why people want to leave Mexico and other South of the border countries to come to a place he despises for it’s capitalistic system. If he was truly Christian–which he isn’t–and smart–which he is clearly not–our dear Pope would condemn these Southern countries for their exploitation and suppression of the poor and laud the United States for how we help the poor. If The Donald is an ass-in-republican-clothing what does that make the Pope?

  19. Michael Dowd, I am afraid you go too far.

    His Holiness troubles me and that is sometimes a good thing. His distaste for the US is, admittedly, palpable. However, he IS the pope and entitled to an assumption of good intent by Catholics.

  20. Ernst Schriber, thanks for your explanation of how the strangely still so-called “Democrats” thwart the will of their people.

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