PopeWatch: Which Candidate?

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PopeWatch must ask forgiveness for this question.  He overdosed on politics yesterday and his brain is still groping its way through the fog cast up by most elections.  Which presidential candidate in this election does Pope Francis most resemble and why?  Have at it in the comboxes!

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  1. Jorge Bergoglio and Donald Trump most resemble each other. They both shoot off their mouths and say nothing. They both give a pretense of serving orthodoxy, but say anything that appeals to the popular leftist propaganda machine. They both know nothing about history or science. They both focus on material prosperity here and now.

  2. I guess Bernie Sanders. Both idealogues who are genial and well intentioned but who have deeply misunderstood the idealogues they have accepted . Good intentions as far as they know. But just not too deeply knowledgeable.

  3. That should have said ” who have deeply misunderstood the idealogies they have accepted ”
    Not evil on purpose

  4. I am with Analzyne; Bernie is most like the Pope because his hubris deludes him into believing that his ill-considered opinions, based upon particularized experiences, are good starting points for policy-making.

  5. In terms of likability and openness to different perspectives, I see Pope Francis as being a lot like Hillary Clinton.

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