If it’s Tuesday There Must be Primaries

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Little drama tonight.  Fox has called Mississippi and Michigan, the two big contests tonight, for Trump.  In Mississippi, Cruz comes in second, with Kasich and Rubio bringing up the rear in a very distant third and fourth.  In Michigan Kasich and Cruz are in a dogfight for second and Rubio brings up the rear for a distant fourth.  A very bad night for Rubio.

Update:  12:40  AM CST-Cruz wins Idaho with 44%, Trump follows with 28%, then Rubio with 16% and Kasich with 7%.  In Michigan Cruz narrowly defeats Kasich for second place.  The votes are just beginning to be tallied in the Hawaii caucuses.

On the Democrat side Clinton won Mississippi decisively while Sanders took Michigan narrowly, establishing yet again that Clinton will owe her winning of the nomination to Sanders inability to keep much beyond ten percent of the black vote against Clinton.  The Democrats in Idaho will hold their caucus on March 22.

A good night for Cruz and a bad night for Rubio.  Both Trump and Clinton now find themselves locked in a nomination battle with a candidate who can defeat them in some states.  Trump’s problem is that in a one on one battle with Cruz he likely would be losing most states.  Time for Rubio to get out if he truly believes that Trump would be as bad for the country as he constantly states in his speeches.

Update:  4:21  AM  CST-Trump wins the Hawaii caucuses, with Cruz second and Rubio and Kasich a distant third and fourth.

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  1. So John Kasich basically established a second residence in Michigan, and he’s gonna wind up essentially tied for second with Ted Cruz, who spent little time and money there. How’s that strategic voting working out?

    It’s kind of odd to see people tearing their hair out over tonight’s results, but Cruz may very well end up not far behind Trump in terms of total delegate haul for the day when all is said and done.

  2. Delegates won yesterday (so far according to RCP):
    Trump 71
    Not Trump 73

    The divided field hurts somewhat but it really does not get to be too big a problem until next week. The divided field almost certainly cost Cruz and additional 12 in Idaho because he missed 50%, but it also probably cost Trump a few delegates in Mississippi because even if most of the votes go to Cruz some would go to Trump and he was close to the 50 threshold in at least one district.

  3. Off the line of topic..sort of.
    Can you picture a future State of the Union address with Trump? First 10 minutes his great accomplishments. Next hour and a half, his line of watches, beer, flyswatters and condom’s for sale. The Green Acres television series had a character named Mr. Haney. Uncanny resemblance that Haney and Trump fella.

  4. “The Green Acres television series had a character named Mr. Haney. Uncanny resemblance that Haney and Trump fella.”


  5. Infomercial at press conference two nights ago makes perfect sense. A new narcissist for President is just peachy. A real hoot!
    Here is your “Make America Great Agian.”
    Check out the catalog and buy some crap.

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