Cruz or Trump: It’s That Simple

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Lots of rumors flying around that Rubio is about to drop out. Rubio denies them, but it is clear that his campaign is on its last legs, and that if he doesn’t leave the race before the Florida primary next Tuesday he certainly will if he loses that primary. Jon Kass of the Chicago Tribune, my favorite columnist, cuts to the heart of what is going on:

Would a rally around Cruz actually stop Trump now? Or is it too late? I don’t know if anything can stop Trump now.

But waiting until the GOP convention for a chance at parlor tricks to hand the nomination to some bloodless, establishment-approved toady would be disastrous.

The common wisdom, which is so often wrong, says Cruz is not a good candidate. He’s strident, doesn’t have great hair and he lacks charisma. But charisma doesn’t make a leader. Backbone makes a leader. Charisma doesn’t make a good president, as the past eight years have shown.

And Trump? The Republican establishment has gone out of its way to make him toxic. They’ve played every card against him. They say he could never defeat Hillary Clinton. But never is a stupid word in politics.

Clinton is tired. And in this year of insurgency from left and right, she is the establishment’s darling now. She’s the most warlike. She’s got Wall Street. She’s in.

And yet she couldn’t even beat Bernie Sanders in Michigan.

The issue here is Republican Party politics. Trump would deal with the GOP establishment. That’s what he does. He’s a deal maker.

And Cruz? He burned his bridges with the Combine bosses on purpose, publicly, loudly, so there was no hope of return.

It’s decision time.
Go here to read the rest. A good many Republicans are ticked off with the Republican Establishment, and rightly so. In Cruz they have a candidate who shares their views. If he gets the nomination and if he wins, he will reshape the Republican party into a conservative party. Cruz is smart, tough and a fighter and he should be the standard bearer for all those who cherish conservatism.

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  1. The big question is going to be when either Trump or Cruz win the nomination will their opponents followers follow? And if not enough follow the winning nominee Hillary wins.

  2. I meant the Trib column. But thanks for the link. I was zoned out on oxy most of that week and hadn’t seen it.

  3. You know what they say about it being all over except for the shouting? Seems like even the shouting is over now.

  4. I’m not voting for Cruz, because he and his father are apostate Catholics. Cruz’s father is a twice divorced man, yet he became a Protestant minister. Yet Cruz’s supporters have the gall to condemn Donald for his divorces, remarriages and vulgarity, when his father’s record isn’t so great? A drunken, apostate Catholic, who turns his back on the Church, gets “saved?” and several years later, divorces his son’s mother, becomes a “minister” and now claims his son is “anointed” to become POTUS? I heard Ol’ Raphael in East Peoria, Il. yesterday, and quite frankly, he came across as a looney tune. Nope, I’m voting for a candidate who lives in the real world, not one who’s living in a fantasy world.

  5. I’m not voting for Cruz, because he and his father are apostate Catholics.

    Yeah, this is all pretty much silly bluster. I don’t know how you can call Ted an apostate Catholic when he was raised Protestant and never once in his life worshiped as a Catholic. His father’s beliefs and practices are completely irrelevant. What matters is the behavior of the men themselves. Is Cruz divorced? Did Cruz ever have a mistress? Did Cruz ever brag about his penis size in public? Did Cruz ever go on the Howard Stern show to brag about how his many sexual encounters and avoidance of STDs is his own personal Vietnam? No. Therefore your comment is sadly illustrative of Mike Petrik’s observation about Trump supporters.

  6. Paul, Cruz’s mom and Dad were Catholic when he was born. Maybe he was raised Protestant after his parents apostasy, but why should I or any other Catholic believe a child raised by apostates trust such an individual? Also, it has been widely reported that Ol’ Raf has told his son since childhood that he was destined for greatness. I can’t imagine the effects this would have on a little boys ego. And “anointed” to become POTUS? As a former cult member, I’m far more afraid of a couple of nutcases with messianic delusions and political ambitions, than I am of someone like Trump.

  7. Also, it has been widely reported that Ol’ Raf has told his son since childhood that he was destined for greatness.

    And no one ever reported him to Child Protective Services? Terrible slip up.

  8. Not one to quibble but heresy is more apropos than apostasy in such a case. Also comes to mind the Eighteenth Chapter of the Prophecy of Ezechiel, particularly verse 20 “The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father,…….”
    One should say the country has other fish to fry. We have a party that champions the murder of the innocent, and the reversal of human liberty and rights built two-thousand years on the foundation of the Gospel, the Magna Carta and our Constitution. about the only Republican candidate I might flinch at would be Lucifer.

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