David Griffey Nails It

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I will simply say ditto to David Griffey at Daffey Thoughts:

A sane take.  Michael Flynn reminds us that the prospect of people, largely young postmodern liberals, storming venues and shutting down debate, and even threatening speakers they don’t like, is not something that started last week.  It’s been going on for years now, and increasingly our institutions of higher learning have begun to rethink the value of higher learning in order to appeal to these rather tolerantly intolerant youth.

Not to say Trump doesn’t deserve some of the blame.  I think he does.  But we certainly can’t – and shouldn’t – act as if this is some fluke, that Trump just stepped into a down home culture of polite and civil discourse and suddenly started flinging verbal chairs around the room.  That’s as wrong as those who try to act like the world on August 5, 1945 was on the brink of living out the Messianic peace of the Thrice-Holy God when all of a sudden BAM!, the racist US flew in a nuked them some babies because Racism!

That type of narrative, by the way, is probably as much to blame for what we are seeing, if not more, than either Trump or the protesters.  Just my opinion.

The tactics that the Left has used with great success to silence conservatives on most college campuses are now being utilized in the political sphere.  This will not end well for the nation.  I have little use for Trump and his movement, but conservatives who think that precisely the same tactics will not be seized upon by the Left to silence them are delusional.

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  1. This series of developments (re. the most recent one, the Univ Illinois Chicago attempted Trump counter-rally 3/11/16) is not over. The venom and the incipient violence at UIC was followed up at Kansas City yesterday of course, and more physical confrontations occurred. The precursor, the Dayton rally incident, was where Thomas DiMassimo, a known ISIS-sympathizer (he had pictures of himself long before the incident posted of himself with an Uzi-look-alike weapon and an ISIS flag), tried to rush the podium.

    Now, except for the most ingenuous, we know this is all coordinated. Ilya Sheyman, a chief organizer with the Chicago area Moveon.org admitted (in a way Hillary and Bernie probably wish he hadn’t) that he/they had coordinated the anti-Trump violence at UIC. The Bernie Sanders placards were originals from the Bern’s campaign offices, too many of them to be “an unauthorized act”.

    Regardless of your candidate preference, from here on out, we knew that the “all-opposition-is-racist” Red Front would be on the move. After all, 4 years ago, at election time 2012, it was Trayvon Martin. 2 years ago, another election year, it was “the Gentle Giant of Ferguson,” Michael Brown. I personally saw the Red Front on the move with the next potential cause celebre for 2016 election year here in San Francisco, with the Dec. 2nd (2015) “police shooting” of Mario Woods. It didn’t matter that Woods was armed with a knife which he had just violently knifed a civilian minutes previously, or that Woods was affected by a mixture of controlled substances he had taken, or that he refused to stop even when surrounded by several police and tried to flee. The Red Brigade was out in force: the basics (a black man, murderous cops, police oppression, white privilege) fit their needed narrative. They aren’t done: this story (Mario Woods’) was hard to sell, given all the known facts about Mario Woods: the Red Brigade will find one, like Trayvon and the Gentle Giant, to whip the marijuana-addled and drug-hazed youth (certainly here in CA) into emotional fury and thoughtless rage.
    So, the ease with which they have thrown the white hood of the KKK over Trump is just the same ease they would have done so or will do so with Ted Cruz, or John Kasich, or even Bambi. It is going to be a violent

  2. Many people on the right are getting sick and tired of being marginalized and demonized. And many on the right also avail themselves of their 2nd Amendment right which predictably enough the left is trying to emasculate. So the left had better beware the sleeping giant whom it arouses from slumber.
    Lord have mercy
    Christ have mercy
    Lord have mercy

  3. Leftist rioting should be a selling point for the conservative message. Progressive-ism implies destruction and instability; conservatism connotes conservation and stability. The blame needs to be placed clearly on the Democrat party and the actions it inspires.

  4. The conservative movement needs to capitalize on this behavior quickly before they go eye for an eye. I could see the words from Ted Nugent spurring the Trump troopers to protest future Sanders and Clinton rallies.
    I mentioned Ted because violent actions easily are ignited when the embers are fanned, and Ted’s rants might provide that wind.
    Nugent loves the idea of Trump in control.
    In a recent interview he boast’s of having 35 million Facebook followers.

    I agree with Michael Dowd’s comment.
    The Republicans need to seize this opportunity post haste.

  5. If Trump isn’t being targeted by the Democrats, then why is it that his supporters
    aren’t causing disturbances at Hillary and Sanders events? If Trump voters are
    the low-info, racist, violent goons the left declares they are, why aren’t they
    bringing violence to Democrat rallies? Somehow the left’s events continue

    That said, I recall late last year Pamela Geller staged her “Draw Muhammad”
    cartoon event in Texas– and the event was the target of a terrorist attempt.
    Donald Trump went on national TV to berate Mrs. Geller, saying he had no
    respect for her, that she was putting people in danger with her provocative
    use of free speech. Mr. Trump went on to say that “free speech is important,
    but you want to be smart about it. You don’t want to provoke people.”
    (YouTube “Donald Trump Slams Pamela Geller”).

    I’d be interested to hear if Mr. Trump’s view has changed in light of the recent
    events surrounding his own use of his freedom of speech…

  6. In a not-unrelated development, a Prince George County (Maryland) police officer was shot ambush-style yesterday as he exited the police station in Landover. Some of you will remember that two Harcourt Co. (outside Baltimore) sheriff’s deputies were shot Feb 10th in a similar “unprovoked” (that is the media’s interesting term) shooting (as though the police “provoke shootings,” ed. note).

    Bernie Sanders’ own campaign site states “It is an outrage that in these early years of the 21st century we are seeing intolerable acts of violence being perpetrated by police and racist acts of terrorism by white supremacists.” (Interesting: police associated specifically with white racists.) He specifically references Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, y other “murders” and (indirectly) Trayvon Martin, with similar inflammatory rhetoric: “This violence fills us with outrage, disgust and a deep, deep sadness. These hateful acts of violence amount to acts of terror. They are perpetrated by extremists who want to intimidate and terrorize black, brown and indigenous people in this country.” He has several times, on the campaign stump, spoken similarly, and Hillary has breathlessly chimed in.
    No incitation to violence here? No “shouting fire in a crowded theater”? No “smoking gun”?
    I don’t know which of the opposition candidates have called police intolerably “violent”, “racist”, and “white terrorists” (think of the beleaguered Ferguson, MO P.D.). C’mon, help me out, fellow TAC’ers! Perhaps all of them have.

  7. These tactics “will be” used against conservatives?

    Have been for…well…my entire adult life.

    Part of why I dislike Trump is because he encourages exactly the same behavior. He is just like the blankers that have been doing this for at least a decade– why on earth would I go any easier on him because he claims to be supporting good causes? “I’m on your side– so my bad behavior is OK!”
    He does standard leftist tactics. Unsurprisingly, this makes for fireworks. Happens on college campuses, too, when two different flavors of lefty collide. Search for posts about “leftists eat their own” and similar memes.

  8. Steve Phoenix credibly connects the various dots outlining a “Red Front” which includes George Soros funded Moveon.org. Perhaps the Left was initially delighted to see Trump causing disarray in Republican ranks but now they see Trump’s campaign threatening to damage the Democrats as well. Enter George Soros from stage left?

  9. The left is chaoic at the root, Trump = progressive modernist megalomaniac in a bad mood and contagious.
    The progressives have grown more and more bold over the last half century. Conservatives can continue to point out failures of liberalism but it is going to take more than being right and word-bombing them.
    Just ruminating…
    Evil likes to smirk at Good and dare Good to gets its hands dirty
    The left has the weapons of disarray and fear- conservatives have the option to cajole.
    … So far conservatives have no real weapons on the media front.
    Obama, with apparent attempted neutering of the justice department, has tried playing a few moves ahead.
    It is too bad the Church is not in good health for leading society now.
    I hope the people of Florida vote for a real Catholic leader tomorrow. Join me in praying that that happens.

  10. Now, another aspect of the Red Front is their limitless capacity to dissemble and rewrite history. Apparently even Yahoo News finds this too much, however: “Hillary Clinton: ‘ We didn’t lose a single person in Libya'”:


    Really. I wonder why Tyrone Woods, the ex-Navy Seal, was buried at Ft. Rosecrans Natl Cemetery, San Diego in 2012? I visited the grave site:


    Or, fellow Catholic, Glen Doherty, the other of the two ex-Navy Seals, that kept about 20 Americans from being annihilated that night in Benghazi. Here is his gravesite @ Arlington (along with that great patriot, Ted Kennedy, of course):


  11. Or on “not-unrelated-story” #2, of all places, even the Washington Post’s Tom Jackman is concerned about the increase in ambush-attacks and murders of police:

    “Also a bad portent for 2016: firearms-related fatalities for law enforcement are up 225 percent through today, from four at this point last year to 13 so far this year, according to the Natl Law Enforcement Officers Fund.”

    Do “Black Lives Matter”? Then please, nota bene, Bernie and Hill: Officer Jacai Colson, murdered in an ambush attack on Sunday as he exited the Landover, MD police station, was “African-American”: give credit to Jackman for including a photo of him in his Washington Post story. Kind of an “Uhhh”-moment for happy socialists.

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