The dilemma of choosing and the Syndrome of the Unwise Bride – The SUB

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The following is a guest post by Sammy.

The last episode of a popular foreign Sunday evening show that hooked Americans to the T.V. for so many hours took place last week. The fiction is over and we need to confront our own dramatic reality. To make it more appealing let’s present it this way.

The unwise bride is about to let go the good guy – her life happiness – for a fantasy. She is choosing a guy who, at his own choice, hasn’t been humbled and corrected by God and therefore has no fear of God, no inch of wisdom within him. She cannot see that because her five senses just perceive a future where she will enjoy her illusion.

This loud guy she is about to choose boasts about his power and wealth in such a manner that makes her salivate. Not that the other two guys she is letting go are powerless or unwealthy. Yes, unlike the average SUB cases, this specific bride has two – not one – two good guys to choose from. Isn’t she blessed? Well, being blessed depends on what she does with her free will. As we know, God’s blessings are out there abundantly, we just waste them with our own bad choices.

So what power these two guys have that she cannot see? Why is she so blinded with the loud guy? Financially rich or poor people are powerful when they detach themselves from materialism, acknowledge God’s supremacy, work hard for the common good, and trust on His almighty intervention. These two guys have been courting her with words of wisdom placing God’s interests above anything else. However, her glass is full with her own selfish fantasies that she is not yet thinking on her own children’s future and is falling in the trap.

Finally, we all know what would happen to her fantasies in the near future, when the floor of her loud husband starts to burn. The loud husband doesn’t have experience on what to do when the floor is burning. He hasn’t built character to deal with this situation. His power would be gone because the country he is leading needs more than what he is capable to do and to give. He doesn’t count with God’s almighty power and help because of what he has chosen to be.

She will then say “he changed.” He didn’t. That was always him.

This is our opportunity. Let the flight of fantasy depart empty and choose wisely.

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  1. After the last 8 years of a previous “marriage” it seems it would be prudent to have a prenuptial agreement of some kind– quick and clean to use when there is “no confidence” left. Impeachment is apparently difficult and unlikely
    Maybe we could just set upside kind of objective measurable standard that when so many requirements are not met, or so many laws are broken, the groom is automatically out- no vote necessary, he/she just went one too many country busting moves too far.
    Maybe we could have that kind of arrangement with court justices too.

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