Delusional or Mendacious

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  1. I’ve known for several years that Cardinal Dolan was a bad egg, just like virtually, with few, damned few exceptions!

  2. I meant to say:

    I’ve known for several years that Cardinal Dolan was a bad egg, just like virtually all his fellow American bishops with few, damned few, exceptions!

  3. This must have been misreported. I thought the good cardinal, when asked about the participation of pro-life groups, said “Bravo. Good on them. I have no sense of judgment about them at all.” No? He must have saved that for something he truly supports.

  4. At this stage the good Cardinal should strictly prohibited any Catholic from participating in the parade due to the nature of the patron so named. St. Patrick would rue the day if he was alive and well in NYC. After all he and Christ conquered paganism in Ireland. Now the pagans decide who is or isn’t to march? Bull Sh-t.

    If the good Cardinal won’t muster the guts to pull the curtain down, then he at the very least should use his position to remove the name, St. Patrick, from the parade and suggest it be called something secular.

    Unifying is one thing. But what are we teaching when we unite to bad ideas or bad behaviors.

    It seems Cardinal Dolan is happily widening the road that leads to perdition. Have another shot of Jameson good Prince and lead the sheep. 🙁

  5. The good Cardinal loves to talk and opine
    Methinks however he has no spine
    The Church is engaged in a spiritual war
    Yet the good Cardinal appears to be bored
    Let’s march for Climate and Gays he proclaims
    Yet the unborn are seemingly left ignored by his fight so tame
    May the Blood of Jesus protect us all.

  6. I guess this is the way its going to be, right? We cant fight it….we cant defeat this present and future reality? Pray… sure, I know. But I hear nothing about morality from the pulpit….nothing about deviant actions….or obeying the laws of this nation. I am totally surprised by how the last 5 to 10 years of Catholic social positions have changed in term of emphasis. There are no Cardinal OConnors or Bishop Sheens. Ora pro nobis !!!

  7. Dan.

    The great value in an orthodox priest.
    Once you find a truly remarkable priest you want to support them in this battle and also praying hard for all priest is our responsibility.
    Our TLM is priceless, regardless of the opinions of progressive clergy.

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