PopeWatch: Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat

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A bust of Pope Francis was unveiled in the capital of Albania:


Albanian agency ATA is reporting that the unveiling ceremony was attended by state and religious dignitaries and citizens.

Albanian President Bujar Nishani said he was “happy to be at such a solemn ceremony, at the unveiling of the bust of the Holy Father.”

Go here to read the rest.

Enver Hoxha, Communist dictator of Albania, waged a war against all religions, and especially against the Catholic Church, proclaiming Albania the first atheist state.  Tens of thousands of believers were executed for their faith. Now Hoxha is long dead, and freedom of religion reigns in the homeland of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, soon to be a Saint of the Church.  The enemies of Christ often have their day, but Christ, and Christians loyal to Him, have eternity.


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