PopeWatch: The National Remnant Reporter

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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:

The Remnant Newspaper and The National Catholic Reporter announced yesterday that they have entered into a merger agreement to create a new entity called The National Remnant Reporter.

The organization will become the third-largest Catholic reporting organization in North America and the sixth-largest in the world.

As part of the agreement, former Reporter employees will no longer be permitted to write articles that contain more than 95 percent garbage, while Remnant employees will be asked to sign a form acknowledging that Pope Francis is not the Beast as foretold in the Book of Revelation. The USCCB will add an additional $1,000,000 into the new company to make sure the merger goes through.

“We really don’t have the money to spare, but this is a priority and an opportunity we cannot miss,” said USCCB representative Alex Puente. “I mean, how awesome would it be to witness the chaos if this thing actually goes through. That would be the best money we’ve spent in decades.”

Puentes later said in a press release, “By bringing together these two newspapers through this transaction, we are hoping to create a strong platform for Catholic humor for years to come. The combined brands will increase the level of madness in the Church. We have the utmost respect for both companies, and greatly look forward to taking, what has up till now been freaking hilarious combox feuds, to a more face-to-face and personal level, with everything recorded and posted on youtube for everyone’s viewing pleasure.”

PopeWatch has been authorized by TAC to state that no merger is contemplated with Vox Nova for the present.  And with that, PopeWatch will be on Easter hiatus until March 28, 2016.

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  1. My sources also tell me that the powers that be at TAC are in negotiations with His Sheaness to take over the now-defunct CAEI.

  2. Just for fun Donald I wonder if a few combox comments could be shown from each publication to sort of illustrate the hilarity of it all.

  3. “My sources also tell me that the powers that be at TAC are in negotiations with His Sheaness to take over the now-defunct CAEI”.

    There’s my dream job right there — editor/moderator of The American Catholic And Enjoying It 🙂 Or at least it would be my dream job for the first 5 minutes or so….

  4. “As part of the deal Mark will write a Mea Culpa to the shade of Harry Truman!”

    Good luck with that!

  5. Check out funny combox comments from Eye of the Tiber:


    Check combox comments from The Remnant Newspaper:


    Regrettably The National Catholic Report did not acknowledge the “merger”. Typical liberal reaction.

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