Separated at Birth

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With all due respect to Mr. Klavan, the public figure that Bernie Sanders most reminds me of is Pope Francis:

1.Both are socialists with very little work experience in the private sector.

2.Both are popular on college campuses with kids who have very little experience of life.

3.Both are in favor of extremist environmental policies while decrying the lack of job opportunities.

4.Both seem to believe that governments can endlessly conjure wealth out of thin air.

5.Both enjoy great press at The National Catholic Reporter.

6.Both come from miniscule polities with an otherworldly vibe.

7.Both are in favor of de facto unlimited illegal immigration into the US.

8.Both are fans of Fidel Castro’s regime.

9.Both really hate Donald Trump.

10.Both aren’t going to be the nominee of the Democrats for President.

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  1. Veritas!
    Both of these two need to be deposed and anathematized, one from the Senate and the other from the Seat of St Peter.

  2. PS, Doc Brown would make a better Senator than Sanders and a better Pope than Bergoglio.

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