The Philosopher Millennial

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Justin Bieber Church Christian Taco Bell Millennial Philosopher

Update Below

“You don’t need to go to church to be a Christian.

If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn’t make you a taco.”

– Justin Bieber

This is probably the quote of the year, from a Millennial no less.

(Hat Tip: Taylor Marshall at Maccabee Society)

Update: A few developments that have come up through reliable sources:

  1.  Justin Bieber does attend both Sunday service and Wednesday night Bible study weekly.
  2.  This may be an old Protestant meme with no relation to Justin Bieber.
  3.  If the graphics on the pic above are correct, I recognize the CNN Headline News logo and it may well be anti-Christian propaganda.
  4.  For the record, I do not dislike Justin Bieber, I just found the quote quite funny, but with these recent developments, please keep in mind that this could be another smear against professed Christians.

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  1. …wait a minute.
    Wasn’t it Justin Bieber who said?; “A mind is a terrible thing.”

    Mr. Bieber is one taco shy of a combo platter.

  2. Justin Bieber is typical of today’s generation. There are intelligent, rational engineers in their late 20s or early 30s with whom I work who would say exactly what he said. This is the fruit of godless liberal progressive Academia.

  3. Some day he might also be saying with the same authoritative voice, “If you go to Hell, that doesn’t make you a bad person”

  4. Whoa! JB future Vatican star, you are so wrong with your food magisterium. Indeed, you are what you eat-so-enough tacos and you become a taco-just look around at so many on such a diet and you see immediately this is gospel truth. There are walking human Dunkin Donuts and living Whoppers. Same same-eat His flesh, drink His blood and become incorporated into the biggest fan club of all time-the MBOC. Mystical Body Of Christ. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  5. Taking Tito Edwards’ title a step further, I find it fascinating to [attempt to] discuss history, politics and economics with millennial philosophers. Some are surprisingly thoughtful, and appear to realize, “Yeah, that’s right.” (i.e., about capital drives all economics, you cant increase pay if you don’t increase productivity, that communism has been the greatest murderer in history with greatest living murderers still around us like Fidel & Raul, and the little fat man in Pyongyang, or historically, the sociopath named Lenin, the goon named Stalin (they don’t know he started as a bank-robber in Pt. Baku), nor the late round-faced god with his little red book that murdered upwards of 40 MILLION.

    Mind you, most of these people bring up the questions to me in the course of my work—I don’t volunteer or practice “solemn-nonsense proselytism.” Heaven forbid.
    But with many others, you reach a THC-addled, drug-fused wall (at least out here in CA) melted into a dense mantle of 12 years of ecological Leninism. Hard to penetrate. This is the stronghold of the Bernie supporters—emotion welcome, reason an enemy, rage a virtue. One person got terribly red in the face and positively outraged as I ticked off the evidence once—he asked me now—that global-warming aka climate-change was a fraud. His mother and his religion had been insulted.
    That young man is now teaching in the public elementary schools in Madison, WI. PIty the poor children. In another decade, all the more, pity us.

  6. Steve Phoenix-
    the kids are unlikely to be any worse than the guy you talked to; he’s just copying the 60s era teachers that he had, who were most likely the only ones who acted like it was good for him to share the same views.
    Those of us who did not and do not agree with those teachers learned to shut up about it, unless it’s really worth arguing.
    The guys on the opposite side will abuse you, and the guys who in theory agree with you tend to be nasty because you haven’t been on their side since before you were born. The philosophical evangelism on the right sucks. Some of us will agree anyways, because it’s right, but we’re sure as heck not going to speak up on the subject even when politely possible unless we think it’s important enough to risk the scolds.

  7. Foxfire, Billy Sunday was a Protestant – a Protester against the Church in which He refused to believe. To be a Christian is to be baptized into the visible Church, the Body of Christ. How ironic that a man whose surname was Sunday could not understand this.

  8. A guy that i once knew well, when we were discussing going to Church on Sunday, came out with that statement, claiming he was a “good” Presbyterian, but didn’t need to go the Church..

    A couple of years later, he started an affair with his best friend’s wife, which I think is ongoing.

    I guess he thinks being a good christian is “by sharing the lerv”- in a manner of speaking. 😉

  9. LQC-
    I rather guessed. Just was *sure* I’d heard that “going to Church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to (place) makes you a (think usually found in that place)” line before. I was betting it was from the 60s, since it sounded like a usual hippy-dippy philosophy.
    I was only off by something like half a century……

  10. @Don the Kiwi.

    The guy you once knew is everywhere these days. Clones? Maybe, but I’m sure it’s the taco sauce. Cheeky bastards.

  11. I’ve heard the sort of remark attributed to pop-idol Bieber before from Protestants, especially ones who despise those they call “Churchians”. (I remind these separated brethren that Jesus did not leave us a book, he left us a Church–one that He promised the Gates of Hell cannot prevail against. I borrowed that from Steve Ray. It really messes with sola scriptura heads.)

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