No Idea for a Good Title

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But here’s a video about sex!

An adult video, even.

Yes, I am far too amused by the “use the euphemisms literally” thing, but seriously: watch this, maybe it will be of use.

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  1. A good title?
    How about some half-ass ones;

    1.)Yo Adrienne, dis is Rocky. Wanna go out sometime?

    2.) Logical Mr. Spock? (Damn it Jim do something!)

    3.) Hammer time.(?)

    4.) Nope. Nope. Yup.

    Sorry Foxfier. These are no help. Your on your own. 🙁

    Here’s a video about sex!
    That’s a good title!

  2. Greg and Guy have raised the bar from my very low efforts. Nice work.

    5.) Planned Sainthood, a custodial approach to raising Gods Children.

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