Mother Angelica Has Died

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I don’t know if anybody else here knew that she’d been fading, but she finally lost her struggle for life.

Here’s CNA’s article, which has a schedule of events and a good picture for her.

And here is Father Pacwa’s facebook page announcement with reactions from various Catholic leaders.

Me, I’m already asking her to pray for us. ย She was ornery as all get-go, and that’s something to want on someone that’s on your side.

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  1. Also the priest who was kidnapped in Yemen when the nuns were killed was crucified on Good Friday by the jihadhists according to the Washington Times. Both he, Fr. Tom, and Mother Angelica prayed a good deal during life and there is a standing plenary indulgence at death for those with that prayer habit. St. Theresa of Lisieux was adamant about avoiding purgatory and Fr. Tom and Mother Angelica just did that in all probability.

  2. Mother Angelica, I admit, used to annoy me. But one day, she came on her show wearing an eye patch and she looked straight at the camera and she said, “Be not afraid … it is I.” and for some reason, that absolutely cracked me up and I became an ardent fan. Thankyou, dear Mother Angelica, for your magnificent work. RIP and GOD BLESS YOU.

  3. Raymond Arroyo’s biography on Mother Angelica was a pleasure to read.
    Her struggles and her prophecy relating to her own mothers conversion, the fishing lures and the Bishop interference. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her story; Mother Angelica: The remarkable story of a Nun, Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles.

    If you missed this read when it came out in 2007 you’ll want to catch up on her extraordinary life.

    May perpetual light shine upon her….

  4. Mother was the voice of orthodoxy for many years until the Bishops had enough and put the quietus on her in the 1990’s. She should be a saint soon but don’t hold your breath. Just like Bishop Sheen she was not politically correct. Mother Angelica please pray for the Church Militant.

  5. Mother Angelica was a powerhouse that only ill health could stop. She built EWTN from nothing and took her nuns in the path of tradition. After her strokes in 2001 EWTN was frequently managed in ways that in her prime she would have repudiated. May her reward be great in Heaven, because her services were certainly great here on Earth.

    When my mother died on Easter Sunday in 1984, her parish priest noted that it was a great privilege. Mother Angelica enjoyed the same privilege.

  6. Thanks Donald for posting the great Mother Angelica commentary on orthodoxy. Among some (most?) of the clergy she is persona non grata as indicated by my experience as a Media Missionary for EWTN. I called the pastor of our parish for permission to place copies of EWTN’s quarterly program guide in the parish vestibule and was refused in a very rude way. I then sent a letter to our Bishop heard nothing. Eventually, after being refused a couple more time I started advertising in our parish paper which cost me $2000. for one year. I gave up on this after one year and now place the program guides in the Church without permission in the hope they will be picked up before the pastor finds them and throws them out. This is what happens to people like Mother Angelica and her followers who speak out.

  7. Mother Angelica had a zeal for the Catholic faith few others have. I knew she had been ill for some time. Her earthly suffering has ended. God bless her and keep her.

  8. bill banno-
    when no video surfaced, I was hoping it was a hoax, as people had been suggesting.
    I am still going to hope that someone sold the Post what they wanted to hear, and the father lives.

  9. Mother Angelica and the dozens of places EWTN got going– like EWTN radio– have been very good allies against my old enemy, But My Aunt Said The Church Said. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. I heard Mother Angelica tell the story of a liberal Catholic wanting to buy EWTN in its early days, telling her it would never be a success because of obstacles in her way and she should cut her loses while she could. She said she looked at him and said “you might be right, but I’ll keep on praying and trying, but if God has other plans, I’ll burn the DAMN place down before I ever sell it to the likes of you.” She lived her life for the Glory of God, and we should all strive to follow her example.

  11. Ever faithful to Church doctrine, in the face of heresies she said, “Do what you want. I am Roman Catholic!” A modern day version of Joshua: “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” REQUIESCAT IN PACE, Mother Angelica!

  12. Foxfier.

    Respectively wishing to offer a new title to your thread.

    Mother Angelica Is Born!

    She has been released and is born.
    The death of her body is only second to the real TRUTH. She is born anew. She lives!

    The comments from ewtn radio shows today are reflecting this sentiment. I’m not advocating instant canonization.
    I’m just recalling the truth. Death? No. For her Easter is LIFE. Celebrate her birthday!

  13. They say that in her fading days, the sister’s were hovering around her and seemed “unduly” concerned about her. She told them,” it’s ok! Every day I live longer is another day I suffer for Jesus” I too as a young woman had a hard time with her personality. However as I grew older and wiser I hung on her every word of advice and example. May she rest in peace.

  14. Philip-
    My thought process was quite literally “say a prayer for Mother Angelica;” *pause a breath* “Say a prayer that mother Angelica will pray for us.”

    Just in case, I say a prayer for her, but realistically? I wanna get her nagging* for us ASAP. ๐Ÿ˜€

    * Moral of the Widow and the Judge story: nagging works.

  15. Hummm.

    Okay Foxfier.
    Another prayer.
    I did a two hour today after work @ Adoration Chapel.

    Was asked to pick up an hour.

    Both hours, 4 to 6 PM were for her.

    Split the baby in two!
    Which side do you want?

  16. The nagging is good.
    Just walked off the beach in Northern Michigan. Sitting in car warming up.
    The offer of the mother is beautiful and trustworthy.
    You take her.

    She lives!


    It is you!

    You are willing to save her life.

    Mother Angelica was a support to my parents in 1982. I had chosen the fools gold.
    They, mom and dad, found great support and spiritual help in praying for my conversion.
    They traveled to her chapel in 92′. They hit Conyers GA. on that loop. Mom and Dad with the help of EWTN and countless others brought me out of the pig slop, out in search for forgiveness. I owe all of them my soul.
    They truly brought me back to Life.

    Your a Great contributor Foxfier.

    I’m in awe of your and others knowledge of the world and beyond. I’m happy you found Mother Angelica, as nagging but profound as she IS, not was, as you did. We all owe her our prayers.

    Take good care, and keep on telling the truth.

  17. She was a great influence on my parents’ Road to Rome, which in turn influenced me during my own journey.

    May perpetual light shine upon her.

  18. I can only smile when I think of her. What a blessing she was, and I’m sure, will continue to be. May she rest in peace.

  19. Thank you, Phillip.
    I really hope my grandma met her at the gates– Grandma was a Scottish protestant, but towards the end she didn’t go to the valley Church, just watched EWTN’s Mass.
    For someone who was upset at her sons all marrying Catholics even when I was a teen (even if half of those Catholics left the Church long before the marriage) that’s a pretty big deal.

  20. “After her strokes in 2001 EWTN was frequently managed in ways that in her prime she would have repudiated.”

    Yeah, Don I don’t think Mother would have put up with EWTMSNBC for too long.

  21. Foxfier.

    Your Grandma watching EWTN Mass instead of going to valley Church when time was slipping away is a big deal. The liturgical pull on the human heart is mighty and marvelous.
    Your grandmother may have been in the gravitational pull, a love, pure and intimate, between the creator and created. As time shortens the pull is greater. Until of course the re-entry to whence it originated is completed. God is Love.

    Grandmother, my guess, recognized this love in the Holy Mass. The Word which she was acquainted with, and the mysterious Eucharist whom she might not have partaken of, but longed for in the presence of Jesus.
    As I said earlier. I don’t know Grandma, but in 16 years of my love to serve the elderly, I have been privy to protestant believers leaning in and listening to EWTN without the prejudices that they may have harboured when they were younger.

    I love your image of these two women meeting each other in Heaven. How your grandmother will recruit Mother Angelica to become one of your best heavenly advocates.

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