Time For Our Game Face

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Father Z says it all in his post on the crucifixion of Father Thomas Uzhunnalil:



It seems fairly clear that this priest was killed by adherents of the Religion of Peace for hatred of the Christian Faith. He is more than likely a true martyr, through red, bloody, martyrdom. And he died in the manner of Our Lord.

From The Right Perspective:


Isis crucified a Catholic priest on Good Friday, the latest atrocity committed by the radical Islamist terror group.

The Rev. Thomas Uzhunnalil was kidnapped in Yemen in during a March 4 raid on a nursing home run by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. 16 nuns and nurses were killed in the attack. Pope Francis already had honored the slain nuns as martyrs.

His execution, using the same grisly method the Romans used on Jesus Christ and commemorated by Christians around the world every Good Friday, was confirmed at the Easter Vigil Mass by Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna.

Rev. Uzhunnalil was a Salesian, an order founded in 1859 by St. John “Don” Bosco. It is the second-largest order in the Catholic Church, with more than 28,000 Priests, Brothers, Sisters and novices working across the globe to help poor children.

We had better get our game face on soon.

Sts. Nunilo and Alodia, pray for us.
St. Lawrence of Brindisi, pray for us.
St. Pius V, pray for us.


Go here to read the comments.  Time, past time, for swords about the Cross.

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  1. Pope Francis ascribes Islamic terrorism behind such crimes to “fundamentalism” within a good religion as though there is a metaphor level of the violent passages of the 9th chapter of the Koran. There isn’t. Just as there is no metaphor hidden in the seventh commandment. It simply has one level…don’t steal. The Pope has an obligation to read the seventh commandment in a fundamentalist manner because it is a one level verse just as Christ was one level and fundamentalist when He said to feed the hungry. He actually means….feed the hungry. The violent passages of chapter 9 of the Koran are one level verses. That have no higher meaning like thou shalt not steal has no higher meaning. Fortunately the one thousand Muslim police on the New York police force are probably from liberal Muslim denominations and see Koranic violent chapter nine as restricted historically to that period of Islamic history and they see it as being restricted to that exact historical context….somewhat like we see the Old Testament death penalty for adultery or incest as being restricted to the Jews before Christ. Radical Islam though sees chapter nine as not restricted by context and further they see it as abrogating other nice passages of the Koran by having come later than the nice passages. So they reverse the normal as though a Christian would start a movement to bring back the 33+ death penalties God gave the Jews for mortal sins not just crimes. So Pope Francis is not on the right track with the word fundamentalist. The violent passages have only one level just as feed the hungry has one level…and don’t steal has one level. And Pope Francis must take those two latter verses in a fundamentalist manner himself. The problem is not fundamentalism but is the muslim problem of abrogation. For them, later passages abrogate earlier passages where there is a contradiction. And there is no Pope in Islam to settle denominational disputes around whether historical verses can be used to abrogate earlier non historical nice ideas.
    But Francis probably is projecting Christian fundamentalism’s problems…like picking up snakes….onto Islam where it doesn’t explain the problem.

  2. Perhaps, we all lose sight of a simple fact, obscured by the mists of fourteen hundred years, that the Koran was a pretext for conquest, and remains so for many Muslims.

  3. Since the Washington Times first reported this story, Christoph Cardinal Schonborn has retracted his statements and Bishop Paul Hinder of Southern Arabia (the bishop in charge of the region) has denied these reports. Bishop Hinder says there are “strong indications” Fr. Uzhunnalil is still alive. Although none of the parties will confirm or deny, the phrasing of the statements indicate that the bishop and the priest’s order are in negotiations for Fr. Uzhunnalil’s release.

  4. FWIW: I did some quick research. Both the Mercedarian (Royal, Celestial and Military Order of Our Lady of Mercy and the Redemption of the Captives aka Our Lady of Ransom) and the Trinitarian (Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of the Captives) orders are still around and active in numerous countries. Both of these orders got their start as orders who collected alms to be used in ransoming Christians captured by the Muslims, and would have as their fourth vow (in addition to chastity, obedience, and poverty) the promise to offer themselves as a sacrifice or hostage in the place of any of the hostages who were in danger of losing faith. Nowadays, they work at ransoming people from poverty, visiting those in prison, and the like. I’m wondering if any of the members of those orders have given any thought to returning to one of their original charisms: ransoming those captured by Muslims.

  5. “I hope he is still alive, although ISIS has a history of pretending people are alive who already have been murdered by them.”

    They tied the hands of man with barbed wire.
    And dug shallow graves at the edge of the wood.
    There would be no truth in his last testament.
    They wanted him anonymous for good.

    The planetary empire was at hand.
    They said what was speech and what was listening.
    The ash had hardly cooled after the great fire
    When Diocletian’s Rome again stood glistening.

    – Czeslaw Milosz , The Wormwood Star

  6. bill bannon and William P. Walsh: Thank you for the explanations. If only our pontiff would follow that line of thought. I would say that maybe PF would wake up if the Barbarians were at the gates of Rome. Unfortunately the Barbarians are already inside the gates.
    Muzhik: Ransoming prisoners of the Muslims goes way back in time. Interesting to know about those orders. Perhaps they are still doing it, but on the QT. Unlike the pope and our US president not everyone wants the spotlight on their efforts or negotiations.

  7. Well-done, Bannon, Walsh et al.

    I understand that the present pontiff has picked out his burial memorial site next to (???) Paul Vi’s tomb—historically, the least visited pontifical burial site in the Vatican Grottoes.
    Since PF very commonly foreshadows unwittingly what is foremost on his mind — such as various homily comments prior to Evangelii Gaudium, Laudato Si, the disastrous Synod on the oxymoronic “family””— coupled with his apparent examination for brain cancer reported last October by La Quotadiana—all this contributes to his ever-jumbled thinking and more-insistent redoubling of his efforts for his various left-oriented causes.

    I am only observing: I wish no man (excepting terrorists) dead: I hope he has all the time God wishes him to prepare, as I hope for all of us. But something seems to be “up”.

  8. We are Catholics, not Quakers. There is a time for peace and a time for war, to sell our cloak and buy a sword, and train our arms to bend the brazen bow, our fingers to war. However, this is from a seventy-five year old whose uniform is in a closet.

  9. Stephen,
    What makes you think he is going up? After all, he was the one to say, “Who am I to judge?”

  10. Obama and Hillary armed and bank-rolled ISIS and umpy-upht trror groups in their (fiasco upon fiasco) state dept. policies starting the Syrian civil war to oust Bashir al-Assad. With whom did they expect to replace him?
    Obama’s and his impotent, incompetent administration’s policies are based on the myth that the only way to defeat terrorism is to ignore it.
    The US has been most (in the West) successful In assimilating Muslim immigrants. Polls show about 50% are happy with our way of life, display US flags on cars or houses, etc.
    That’s not so great. It means that about 1,500,000 Muslims in America execrate liberty and our way of life. Let’s say one-in-one-hundred will actively aid and abet, or go “tactical.” That’s 15,000 out to kill us.
    It’s time to tell Obama, Hillary, and their imbecilic worshipers to “Go to Hell.” Stop pretending that Islam is a religion. Act accordingly.

  11. Let us say ten percent of Muslims are dedicated to a strict interpretation of the Koran. Of 1.6 billion Muslims, we might have 160 million potential Jihadists. That is more than 130 times the number of United States men under arms at the close of World War Two. Let us say one percent are fit and well disposed for combat and we have 16 million. Yet Obama thinks climate change is an existential threat. I think Obama is the existential threat.

  12. WPW, you have that correct. DOD has been told to promulgate that Climate Change is the primary threat to the security of the US.

  13. Lucius QC, my reference to “something seems to be ‘up'” is that, besides his various comments about being pope a short time (I guess we can discard that as factual), there have been at least 2 episodes where he has significantly stumbled and virtually fallen in public; there is the persistent and solid-appearing report of his medical exam in Oct. 2015 in Quotidiano Nazionale regarding P. Francis’ medical appointment for a brain tumor, the original report appearing about Oct. 21, 2015:


    ..and besides him looking ghastly and losing weight over the last year, he selected his burial place in the Vatican Grottoes.

    Federico Lombardi denied he had seen world-renowned cancer expert Dr Takanori Fukushima—and yet it was later confirmed PF had in fact met him “at a papal audience.” A small select papal audience. Um-hmm. Right.

    Along with his various light-headed comments, esp. on air flights—a symptom common among medicated patients perhaps fighting cancer—to me at least, “something is ‘up.'”

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