Mary Sue Stole the Death Star Plans

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The trailer for Star Wars:  Rogue One, due out this Christmas, which tells how the Rebels stole the plans for the original Death Star.  The first of the Star Wars Anthology spin off films, and chronologically just before A New Hope, the first Star Wars film.  At the end of the trailer there  is  the beginning of an unintentionally hilarious  interview with a completely non-reactive Mark Hamill.


I guess we live in truly decadent times when we have videos analyzing movie trailers:



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  1. BTW…..”Marks gonna tell us what’s happening.” Is that after his thorazine therapy?

    I’m sure the world is waiting with baited breath for Mark to digress.

  2. Mark Hamill was just thinking about brunch. Given what we now know it is obvious he should have been cast as a hobbit.

  3. TomD.

    Oh. Well, that makes perfect sense. Lunch.

    The hobbit series?

    Luke was the son of one Vader, and forever that cast a spell over his entire career.
    Would of been best that he never knew who his father was.
    That shadow followed him forever.
    Poor guy.

  4. Mark Hamill stopped acting because he was in a car wreck.
    He took up voice acting, and has had a more active career than his co-stars because of it– every decent fan-poll of your favorite Joker, he wins. (Defined as one where they either have him listed, or add him halfway through because of complaints.)
    Here’s Luke AND Joker!
    The “non-reactive” interview is his idea of a joke; he’s also made a lot of jokes about how he doesn’t have any lines in the first New star wars movie– he just stares intently.

    He has done some other things; here’s a much more animated (ha!) interview where he talks about another role he was in, and then about his massive Batman career.

  5. I’m shocked at you, Donald– you’re going to put your Chief Geek creds at risk if you don’t keep up on things like “Mark Hamill is a total geek.” 😀

  6. Bah, didn’t mean to stomp on you, Philip! I thought that he’d stopped entirely, too– my husband is a HUGE Batman fan, though, and the Joker is his favorite villain.
    I really respect the guy for the same reason I’m a Robert Downey Jr. (check out his facebook page– he runs it himself) fan– they both seem to genuinely love their fans, and unabashedly interact with their fandoms.
    They seem to take a real joy it it– and Hamill, at least, is a major geek himself. Showed up at a ComiCon dressed as a Stormtrooper at least one time, just so he could actually just visit it.
    Pretty sure Chris Evans (Captain America) is a quiet sort of geek, and Chris Pratt (Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy) is totally unabashed in his enthusiasm for pretty much everything.
    Given how much I despise the ironic, love-is-a-weakness, hipster invasion of something joyful like fandom, these guys have earned a nice chunk of me spazzing out to talk about how cool they are.

  7. No harm – no foul Foxfier.
    I’m happy to hear that Mark has a great sense of humor. God bless him.

  8. oh so not Mark Shea?…I had very little sleep last night. Mark Hamill has found his niche as a successful Broadway, voice, and film actor. He’s sequential art series creator and author. Also a family man. Read though he played Mozart on Broadway, the Amadeus film lead went to Tom Hulce.

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