Pontificate as Bad Joke

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Eponymous Flower gives us a perfect symbol of the current pontificate:


The new Archbishop of Palermo, recently appointed by Pope Francis, Msgr. Corrado Lorefice, swung himself in a bicycle and drove through the presbyterium of his Cathedral.

“Sometimes I ask myself whether certain prelates do not invent these surprises from a mere desire to see if they come into the media and land especially on certain blogs, for example, ours …” according to the traditional website Messa in Latino.
News and pictures were published by the official website of the Archdiocese of Palermo with the following text:

“Palermo. Primatiale Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption, Wednesday, April 27, 2016: Feast of the Athletes. Image: His Excellency Most Reverend Monsignor Corrado Lorefice, Archbishop-Metropolitan, Primate of Sicily, on a bicycle in the chancel of his cathedral..

The Archbishop was given a bike that he didn’t want to try outside the church. Instead, he rose immediately and in full regalia as celebrant,  chasuble and miter,  got on the bike  and drove it through the presbytery of his episcopal church. The Cathedral of Palermo is not only where lay the Stauferkaisers Henry VI. and Frederick II. and the Norman King, Roger II. It is above all one of the oldest Christian places of worship in Europe. The area of the Cathedral was secret at the latest  in the second century gathering of Christians in underground tunnels. Here the martyrs of the persecution of Christians were buried. The Christians gathered at their graves. In the early fourth century, the construction of the first cathedral was carried out. Under Pope Gregory the Great, the second cathedral was built around 600. 

“Ultraprogessive slap”
Biking Archbishop
Msgr. Lorefice belongs to the so-called “compassionate” bishops appointed by Pope Francis. Observers speak of “progressive” appointments.
Born in 1962 in Sicily, he was ordained in 1987 a priest in the Diocese of Noto. On October 27, 2015, Pope Francis surprised with his appoinment as the new primate of Sicily. Last 5 December, the inauguration took place. Officially, church-related media cheered him as a “bishop of a Church of the poor and for the poor”. Traditional media, however, spoke of an “ultra progressive slap for conservatives” in the Church.

Go here to read the rest.  When it comes to this pontificate, it is entirely superfluous for its adversaries to seek to make it look ludicrous.

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  1. How long do we think that God will tolerate this blasphemous disrespect before He visits Divine Justice on us?

  2. I remember that about a year ago a Filipino priest rode around his church during Mass on a hoverboard. His bishop suspended him! Good thing too: what if the battery flared and set his vestments on fire?

    The road to Hell may be paved with the skulls of bishops, but bicycles and hoverboards are so much faster and efficient means to get to the end.

  3. Reminds me of the story of the ‘Juggler for Jesus’ who had nothing else to offer than his juggling.

  4. I had known about this latest foolishness, the dope on a bike.

    Right now, as many already know, Sicily is undergoing a mass invasion of Muslim immigrants (in fact, the Sicilian Mafia has found them as an excellent source of desperate mules and operatives for their functions). None of the imams of Islam act like fools, talk like fools, ride bikes like fools. In all matters, they are deadly in earnest in their epic counter-crusade to conquer Crusader Europe.

    As for the appellation accorded Lorifice of being “of the poor and for the poor”—using “the poor” as a human shield to hide breathtaking vacuousness is all that the present pontificate and its fellow clowns can offer. After all, Ringling Bros’ Circus always starts with the clowns on a bike in crazy clown costumes. Art imitates life. The dope on a bike, taking his lead from the clownishly-smiling head dope who is pope.

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