Trump and Western Civilization Aren’t on Speaking Terms

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My co-blogger Darwin at his blog Darwin Catholic has a great post taking on the idea that Trump is a defender of Western Civilization:


Trump cannot be a protector or champion of Christianity or Western Civilization because he is one of the people degrading and neglecting Christianity and Western Civilization. Electing him might annoy feminists, but feminism is not wrong to object to men calling women they don’t like “ugly” or “pigs”. Not is feminism wrong to object to ideas of beauty and sexuality which lead to a photo shoot of one’s wife lying naked on a fur while handcuffed to a suitcase full of jewelry. Feminism is wrong when it asserts that abortion is necessary for women’s equality and liberation or when it asserts that marriage and childbearing represent sources of cultural repression rather than being some of the key purposes of human culture. But Trump is not going after these errors of feminism, nor will he, because it’s unclear that he even disagrees with feminism on these points.

It’s claimed that Trump will protect American institutions and culture by stemming a flood of immigrants. But does Trump have any understanding of what it is in American culture and government that is worth protecting, other than the relative whiteness of its current inhabitants compared to those coming from Mexico and South America? His rhetoric and policies would be far more at home in Peron’s Argentina or Chavez’s Venezuela than in our own republic. Trump offers the doubly depressing prospect of excluding Latin America’s people while importing some of its worst tendencies of government.

Does Trump support (or even understand) the principles of American constitutional republicanism? Of limited government? Does he support the cultural and moral ideas that make Western Culture something worth maintaining? No. At best he represents a crass “up with us, down with them” approach to attacking perceived enemies, without and within, while promising to funnel jobs and money to “real Americans”. He cannot make America great again because he does not even know what made and makes America great.

Go here to read the rest.  Trump is a crony capitalist from New York.  He is a vulgar, ignorant blowhard.  To the extent that he has any political instincts, they are liberal as one would expect from the circles in which he has lived.  Conservatives and Christians who regard this snake oil salesman as in any way a champion of what they believe, are entirely delusional.

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  1. More and more it looks as though I will be voting for a 3rd party candidate because a vote for Trump is no better than a vote for Clinton. I do not want either one in office. However, I will hedge my bets. If Sanders wins over Clinton and the final matchup is between Trump and Sanders, then I will vote for Trump. That is because Trump while not being any better than Clinton is better than Sanders. That of course speaks volumes about Sanders because both Trump and Clinton are at the bottom of the barrel of morality, but Sanders being an out and out communist is beneath the barrel.

  2. In the age old struggle between “gradualism” ( or as Francis likes to say “graduality”) and “absolutism”, the former generally wins. The material atheists have figured this out a while back. It is sad that our side hasn’t figured this out yet. Trump = Clinton: Ughhhh.

  3. I’m sorry but this guy lost me when he used the “whitness” card. It is surprising how many smart people confuse being white with privilege based on what they perceive as a game rigged in their favor by the Founding Fathers and Capitalism. Both are systems based on 4000 years or more of writings by the Sumerians, Hebrews, Persians, Greeks, Romans etc. The system works for anyone who bothers to understand it. Asians come here and have no problem, East Indians come here and have no problem, so there goes his color argument. The problem most people have is people of any color who come here from countries run by Narco-Fascist-Terrorist that want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg or bleed it dry as suggested by Cloward and Pivens. And as far as I can remember God chose’s who He will without our input.

  4. If he defers Supreme Court justice picks to the Heritage Foundation as he asserted he would weeks ago, he will be better than Clinton in the long run of things…unless he flippantly starts WWIII. Cruz does not firmly have the delegates he thought he had according to recent media reports for a floor fight since some of them are talking “Trump maybe” over the last week. The Mexican flags in last week’s blockade in California probably got Trump more voters in the heartland. Trump will lose many though if he blames Hillary for Lewinsky …via enabling Bill in the long run. Trump could easily suicide bomb himself in the general election….by turning it into not mega issues but gossip column issues. Under it all, I think he wants to lose subconsciously because several of his promises are huge failures waiting to happen….a huge wall with tunnels under it from Mexico…must be a nightmare of his.

  5. Seeing that feminists are often looking for something to bitch about (pardon the pun), a Trump presidency would be a gift to them.

  6. Trebuchet,

    You’re actually making Darwin’s point. It’s precisely because Trump doesn’t understand a lick about those 4000 years of tradition that he (and not Darwin) must reduce it to “what the white guys want.” He has no other basis for understanding what conservatives want to conserve. He’s just saying whatever he thinks will get him elected (cf. his tone deaf comments about punishing women for abortions and the immediate about-face). This mercurial quality should worry people planning to vote for him. Every indication is that he is more likely to impose and bulldoze than to conserve the hard-won traditions we have. If it comes down to Mr. Eminent Domain vs. the Constitution, what do you think is going to happen? We already have enough of an imperial presidency with Obama; we don’t need the next President to double down on that approach.

  7. Oh how my heart pines for the days when automakers could make cars that were big gas guzzling boats without being intimidated enviro-claptrap inspired regulations.

  8. Decades ago when young and single, I had one of those tanks ( Ford Torino ) and first night in a year I left it on the street around the corner instead of the driveway in Lodi N.J. While watching TV that night, I heard a screech and a loud thump. I said to myself, ” that was my car getting hit.”. I kept watching the TV show. Seven? minutes go by and the door bell rings and it’s Lodi police, one of whom says, ” Mister…four guys in a car crashed into your car. Their front end is caved in but we cannot find any damage on your car….at all…nothing. Can you come out and look?”. When out there at the scene, one young guy comes toward me and says…” Mister…you’re driving a freakin’ tank.” We all could only find a quarter inch crimp in the chrome bumper’s rubber trim strip. Nothing else…not even a scratch. The police had me drive it around the block but it had no hidden problems. A cop looked underneath and motioned me down to look under. It had what looked like steel construction struts going from back to front Chrome bumpers. We were all laughing by then about how it was made even though the younger guys had to wait for a tow truck because their car couldn’t move.

  9. A cop looked underneath and motioned me down to look under. It had what looked like steel construction struts going from back to front Chrome bumpers.


  10. Interesting that we now have a Pope who is dismissing Catholic doctrine and potentially a President who, some say, will dismiss American constitutional principles and take us on the “road to serfdom” Things have come to a pretty pass. Lordy, Lordy. Lord have mercy.

  11. Theology on tap.

    A way to reach the unchurched.
    Those who do not own a Holy Bible.
    Meet them where they worship.
    A Bar.

    Donald Trump?
    A graduate of TOT.
    This is why you do not teach theology in a Bar of Tavern.

  12. I suppose this might seem trivial, but I find it positively frightening that Trump never says anything funny. He’s often caustic, mocking and sarcastic, but never cleverly funny. I think good humor is a reflection of intelligence and broad understanding of humanity. I hate to use the word, but it feels demonic to me.

  13. Trump isn’t demonic but rather a sign of the domination of entertainment in the political realm. Trump is the advent of modern pro-wrestling to politics, with all its bluster and transparent conmanship. If he wins the Presidency, he will have many imitators.

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