Liar, Liar

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Hattip to commenter Dale Price.  My motto has always been:  “Slay all the Lunies, and let God sort ’em out!”

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  1. I have just erased three paragraphs of expletives venting my disgust for the thing that is your subject.

    I will say my evening prayers now.
    I’ll put that thing in God’s merciful hands.
    I will not let it get my better nature.
    It will not.
    It can not.
    It is evil
    and evil will not take my peace.
    It will try
    but it will fail. It has no place in my heart or mind.
    It is
    not a child of God. It is wicked.

    A child of God does not act contrary to God’s plans and desires for as long as IT has.

    I will pray for it. God can do much with even the smallest of prayer. It might just receive the grace to change. If it does, I’ll call it sister.
    Until it does, I’ll call it evil incarnate.

    It’s the best I can do right now.

    Forgive me if it’s not enough.

  2. Trump cannot be as bad as this banshee.
    I recall a few months ago, her saying that “Christians have to change the way they think.”
    This is in regard to same sex marriage, abortion and homosexuality, the very things that the banshee has flip-flopped on, as your clip shows.
    If she becomes POTUS, there will be a continuation and expansion of the destructive policies and persecutions of the Obama gang.
    At least, with Trump there could well be a moderating influence by those who profess to hold Republican principles.
    And I think Trump will build up the military whic has been decimated under Obama/Clinton.
    Cruz to me, was a much preferred presidential candidate, but you have to work with what you’ve got. Pope Pius XII, a man who lived through tyranny, stated that there was no sin in voting for the lesser of two evils. Clinton is almost beyond evil and would lead the USA down the road to oblivion in a world sense relative to today.

  3. My son (age 15) said there’s a conspiracy theory going around that Hillary is a clone. We had a discussion about clones. He said that clones cannot have souls. There are a lot of things that don’t make sense when you start to really think about how a clone would actually work (memories, etc.), but this theory make sense in light of her pure evil.

  4. Her lying and incompetence are truly horrid.
    Far more dangerous is the fact that millions of her morally-bankrupt, moronic worshipers don’t care. Please God, there aren’t enough of them to give her a “mandate” to kill what remains of the free market economy and the Constitution.
    PS – the morally-bankrupt, moron herd includes a bunch of cowards that gave Obama everything he ever wanted: Boehner, McCain, Graham. McConnell, Ryan et al, and a number of Trump-hating traitors, including at least three Bushes, Romney, Will. I only have expletives to express my feelings about them.

  5. A case can be made that Bernie Sanders is worse. While Hillary iin all likelihood does not believe in her lies and will do whatever she can to protect herself, Bernie is a true believer and thus far more dangerous.

  6. Another interesting aspect of these “13 Minutes” of HIllary is how much she has changed, and sometimes how much she deliberately changes herself (such as wearing the coke-bottle lense glasses and her hair almost matted like a recent medical discharge, at the questioning at one of the Ben-Ghazi hearings).

    And now, looking at recent pictures of her, she looks tired, physically challenged, and yet still an automaton at prevarication. The Devil is a liar and the father of lies.

  7. Missy.

    Our hope for the future is your son, and his peers. If they collectively learn the lesson on soul-less individuals, and pray hard for them but never support their agendas or principals, then their is hope.

    Hope that creatures like her never attain positions of power. That the future generations will honor decency, honesty and the sacredness of life. May they learn the lessons now and bring America back from the pit.

  8. Very difficult to watch, it fills me with a sense of dread. Pray for your enemies, says Our Lord. Yes, and in another context, weep for your selves and your children.

  9. I read the post on Mother’s Day which made me think, if it was so terribly dangerous in the Balkans why did Herself bring along her daughter Chelsea, who was by her side in almost every bit of footage? What hubris to tell so many lies on record and more importantly under oath. Of course she is well taught by her husband. Still Bill never let himself be caught out in so many. Her hairdo changes, plastic surgery, and wardrobe colors (think the disarming pink suit) don’t fool all of us, I’m hoping we’ll see her in an orange jumpsuit before the election.
    She will move or center as she campaigns. Those who have drunk the Clinton kool-ade won’t notice and the die hard Dems won’t care. Trump has to go to the right to be elected. There has to be a very, very clear choice between the Democratic and Republican candidates. Given Trump’s erratic pre-convention behavior he needs a strong conservative VP on his ticket. Forget praying for Bernie and Billary, pray for the Republican nominees and conservative Republican Senate and Congressional candidates.

  10. “She will move or center as she campaigns.” Should be: she will move LEFT or center as she campaigns depending upon whom she’ addressing and her locale at the time.

    I pray that the rumors around DC concerning Ryan, McConnell,etc exploring running a 3rd party candidate are just a rumor. We have 3rd party Perot to thank for Bill Clinton’s two terms.

  11. William P. Walsh.

    “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    If any of them truly knew what they we’re doing they would stop dead in their tracks.
    They would each repent. They would work together to find an honorable man or woman who is void of arvice and filled with humility.
    They would sacrifice themselves to achieving a common goal. That being the welfare of the people, starting with the unborn and finishing with the elderly.

    They would form a more perfect Union.
    One our founding fathers strived for.
    One United under the Triune God.
    They would not be ashamed at the Gospel message. They would help others to share in it’s kindness and freedom. A freedom void of sin. A freedom filled with service to neighbor.
    A people who reconcile with each other, forgive each others faults, and live out there existence in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

    Maybe we would hear; Father Bless them, for they know what they are doing.

  12. Philip, someone once mused, a priest I think, that ignorance is like an eighth sacrament promulgated by the words, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” But then there is willful ignorance. Many politicians seem to lie with impunity. One wonders if the facility to do so is the product of the moral relativism that progressive philosophy is founded upon. “What is truth?”–Indeed!

  13. W.P.Walsh.

    Their lies will have consequences.
    Maybe not here, but in the hereafter.

    That was my point.
    They think they know. They scheme and plot their next move. All leading to total destruction.

    No amount of water will wash their hands clean. Only the Truth can do that.

  14. Thirteen straight minutes? Heck, she’s been lying for 68 straight years.
    Here is one question with which Trump should confront Her Dishonesty, “Do you actually believe that Christ has no place in America?”
    In Matthew 12 and Mark 3, our Lord teaches that there are sins that cannot be forgiven: sins against the Holy Spirit. In both chapters, Jesus is forcefully confronting evil (part of His Gospel), and the elders and chief priests charged that Jesus was able to drive out demons because He was “with” or “had” the Devil. Did they committed this unforgivable sin when they condemned Him?

  15. We have on good authority that the source of all lies is the Devil, “the Father of Lies” (Jn. 8:44). Hillary, Obama, and for that matter Joe Biden (who among other lies, plagiarized speeches of Brit Labour Party leader Neal Kinnock), can all hang together (pun unintended?) on that score.

    Bear with me for the amateur forensic psychology route, but this I think is relevant to how HIllary, as with Obama, fulfills her narratives. HIllary’s mendacity probably (taking the cue from Dr. Andrew G Hodges, MD, the forensic psychologist), relates to her rather rough upbringing with her unvarnishedly blunt lawyer-father, Hugh Rodham Clinton, a man known to sneer at her grades, even when she got an “A”, and was known to excessively spank all 3 children, according to relatives:

    I just mention it, because she almost never talks about her father (even liberal rags note this) and the anti-establishment, amoral incessant lying seems to me to relate to her rejection—like Obama’s—of her father, now represented by the USA and its institutions. Hugh Rodham Clinton was Archie-Bunker-like in his views regarding blacks and other groups, and—the most important part—-above all, he was an ardent political conservative. Hillary’s role in life therefore? “They were all belligerent, hypocritical, conservative tyrants like my dad: now its payback,” as if she were to say.
    From there, this upbringing, it would be easy to take on Saul Alinsky’s devious methods (recall her still unreleased senior thesis paper at Wellesley College was on Alinsky) and to lie, dissemble, prevaricate, “all for the cause” (Trotsky).

    Obama’s narrative, upon which I can rely directly on Dr. Hodges’ work, is another story.

  16. Steve Phoenix.

    Slouch here. I haven’t taken the time to investigate the background of Madame Munster, so I will thank you for the insights.

    Dad was a loving dad.(?)…of sorts.

    This is more reason to pray for her, not less.
    I don’t advise without partaking of my own advice, and in sincerity, it’s not easy to always pray for those whom you find detestable.
    Yet, it is part of The Way.

    God works the miracles, however he allows us to share in ways unseen his plan come to fruition. Will it for Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Planned Parenthood’s Richards or Hillary?
    Who knows?
    We are asked to pray for their conversions so we do. Leaving the results up to God.

    I thank you Steve for helping me to see just how it is possible that Hillary is a byproduct of a botched childhood. UN-loved? Maybe so.
    Prayers for her and others that are disagreeable to me are forthcoming.

  17. Thanks, Philip. These are just perhaps fevered musings, as I try to mitigate my horror that, after Obama, we could have 8 years of this Jezebel.

    As a disclaimer, I don’t think Hillary Clinton is inexorably conditioned to act as she does (“a by product of a botched childhood”). But, what I have learned from Dr. Andrew G. Hodges, is that whenever you encounter a particularly pathological person—most easily identified by palpable and sometimes hideously self-evident lies—we can infer something went deeply wrong in their conscience-formation as a child. Most—not all—of us obtain our conscience and ethical formation from our fathers.

    Hillary, Joe Biden, Obama, John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Ayers—all incessant prevaricators that were brought up in wonderful circumstances by their fathers—or, heck, look at the Bergoglio-Pope, who never talks about his father, a father who was an accountant for the Argentine national railway system and apparently worked himself to death and died at age 51—all these people seem to hate the very “institutions” that “fathered” them, those being the institutions and order of church, state, and school. Why the need of these people to dissemble about their motives as they inexorably attack the institutions that fathered them and gave them birth? What gives?

    Materially, Hillary didn’t have a bad upbringing at all: she was well-cared for, had a safe suburban Chicago lifestyle, any concerns about the rent being paid or any dinner to eat tonight were not even distantly a problem she ever encountered. But her dad was a bully, a racist, a pig, and above all, a conservative. So is this why we see her “rage against the machine”? What entitles her to lie at every turn with perfect justification? Like Obama, who sees that everything about the USA was a lie (the script he received from Barack Obama, Sr; Frank Marshall Davis; and from his wayward, promiscuous, rebellious mother), Hillary feels no untruth she utters matters—everything about this country is a lie, she is telling us, so “What difference does it make!” (Jan 23, 2013) :

  18. Hillary lying for 13 minutes straight = Hillary talking for 13 minutes straight, a.k.a. the transitive property of Hillary.

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