PopeWatch: Bear Growls: Eye of the Bruin

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Our bruin friend at Saint Corbinian’s Bear seems intent on giving Eye of the Tiber a run for its money:


In other Vatican news, a pope known for firsts announced today that he was starting a blog. “This way, I can reach more people,” Pope Francis explained. However, he took pains to make it clear that the blog — named “Ex Cathedra” —  had nothing to do with the Church. “This is just a guy named Jorge sharing his thoughts,” the Pope explained. “What is on my mind, you know, my, how do you say, ‘take’ on the Church, world politics, economics, whatever.”

The Pope said that it would feature polls to see what people thought about Church teachings on topics such as women priests and contraception. But he insisted the polls were “just for fun.”

When asked if the first papal blog might confuse Catholics, he responded, “No. That is why I am doing it this way. Since it will be on the internet, there will be no possibility of misunderstanding or being quoted out of context. And it says, right under my papal coat of arms, ‘not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.'”

Other planned features include an Amazon Wish List, a regular “Ask the Holy Father” feature, “Kasper’s Korner,” and a recurring talking capybara character named, “the Capybara,” who will always refer to himself in the third person. Insiders say the Pope made the decision after his “Pope Videos” flopped.

Go here to read the rest.

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  1. His poll numbers are dropping – as the Bear says despite all the videos – and the tweets and the informal accessibility.
    “what do the polls say” so important to politics now also important in religion. but people pleasing can be tricky! You can go from offering mercy to begging for mercy in a hurry.

  2. Jesus took a straw poll once (“Who do people say I am?” He asked his disciples.) But unlike in the TV game show Family Feud the most popular answer was not the correct answer.

    The current successor of Peter might do well to take note of this and halt the appearance of chasing popularity.

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