Reactions to Frank the Hippie Pope

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The group New Catholic Generation has a group of Catholics view the Frank the Hippie Pope video by The Lutheran Satire and give their reactions to it.  Give your reaction to their reactions in the comboxes.




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  1. They obviously want to be charitable, They want to be good, They want to believe in their pope.
    They are all so young they might not have had time to really take a look at history. Just like a lot of those young idealists who want to be for Bernie Sanders… not enough life experience to take the measure of progressivism and the slick promoters of it. The words of progressives/liberalism sound so good that the ability and experience to discern is crucial.

  2. I think they miss the point, which is not to attack the Pope, but to point out the obvious problems with his unguided speech. Bless their hearts, they’re all zealous to defend the Pope, but don’t seem aware that the satire is coming from the side of orthodoxy.

  3. Well, even if the Pope is not a hippie, certainly the dropout, drug-addled hippies from the 1960s who call themselves Katholyck adore and worship him. Thankfully, while I was drub-addled in my youth, unlike these hippies I was left with two living bain cells which sometimes do not fight each other.

  4. Ditto, Tom. They are young. I give them credit for their faithfulness to the church, which is shown in their loyalty to the pope, even Pope Francis, while they see his weaknesses. Time will tell if it isn’t misplaced. The video is a bit over the top, even as satire. Statements are accurate but out of context. I like totally miss Pope Benedict.

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