Rapist Clinton Trump Ad

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As I have noted, in the general election campaign Trump will start with Hillary’s jugular and go from there.  Hillary’s cackle at the end was a nice touch.  One would never know from the ad that the Donald and the Clintons were best buds just a few brief years ago.  In any case the Democrats are now running against a Democrat, Trump, who will campaign in precisely the same filthy manner as most Democrats.  We will see how much they like it.

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  1. Coverage of the political wars going on in the search for power this cycle will shine such a garish harsh light on all of this that it just may finally predicate real prayer and repentence in America.

  2. The one consolation in all this is the bloody battle which Donald Trump will wage against Hillary Clinton. He will do what no other Republican candidate would have the audacity to do: wrstle in the mud and filth with someone exactly like himself. This is going to be wondrous to behold regardless of who wins.

  3. If Trump is smart, he won’t run with the “Stand by your man.” narrative. Hillary orchestrated the smear campaign against Bill’s accusers. That’s the real scandal and DaDonald would be wise to emphasize that.

    LQC, one does not have to wrestle in the mud and filth to expose a pig. He just has to have the guts to call a pig a pig. This is something GOP candidates fail to understand.

  4. There’s too much filth in the tabloids and gossip TV on Trump for him to even consider taking the high road. The Republican primary season revealed that Trump wallows happily in the mud of the low road.

    The “Stand by your man” narrative that Greg Mockeridge mentioned was an invention of Mrs. Clinton herself. Trump has already undermined that sympathy ploy of Mrs. Clinton’s by pointing out her habit of enabling her man, a sexual predator.

    P.S. Should Mrs. Clinton revert to her baking cookies narrative, another ploy she used during her man’s 1992 campaign for President, let’s see a reporter ask her how many ‘cookies in her oven’ has she aborted. I’d like to see all the candidates asked, “How many of your babies have you had medically aborted?” (I’m morbidly curious to hear Hillary’s version of Bill’s “But I didn’t inhale” excuse-making.)

  5. The line between a politician’s right to privacy and the public’s right to know who and what they are voting for is a complicated subject. Moral turpitude is relevant, as is susceptibility to black mail. The potential for State Secrets to be in the hands of foreign enemies is very serious, as is whether there being quid pro quo expectations on the part of large donors both foreign and domestic. And these are the foci of the FBI investigations in progress. Suppression of significant findings would be more than troubling.

  6. Not really best buds….just sayin’

    Do you think Bill will ever be brought up on any charges like like the other Bill (Cosby)?
    For that matter- who is behind the Cosby coup? What triggered that? I thought going after old cases was reserved for priests…..

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