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How I despise Donald Trump.  Leftists are doing their very worst however to make me have sympathy for his supporters.  The lady above in San Jose, California last week had the temerity to think that in America, an ostensibly free country, she could go to a Trump rally without being assaulted by a violent anti-Trump mob.  She learned better.   Go here to read about it.  The Democrat Mayor of San Jose surrealistically blamed Donald Trump and his supporters for the violence the next day.

These are truly storm trooper tactics, and do not for a second think that the Clinton campaign is not behind the scenes organizing all of this.  Too many conservatives are ignoring this because they view Trump as a repulsive figure.  That is shameful.  This type of gangsterism, tolerated by local authorities, and fostered by the Democrat party, is a direct threat to our Republic.  The people who participate in such mob action should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, those who organize such mobs should be subject to prosecution and RICO civil suits, and the conservative media should be on this night and day.

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  1. Breitbart has been covering the staged anti Trump riots.

    The violence in San Jose was attempted in Pittsburgh a while ago.

    The violent anti Trump protests will be counterproductive. One never sees this against Shrillary and SHE is the truly disgusting candidate in this race.

  2. There is some hope that the downside of a Trump presidency can be contained due to the decency of some of the Republicans with whom he will populate his administration. There is no such chance with a Clinton administration. There are no longer any decent people on the left. After such occurrences as the PP videos, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the email treason and the violence against Trump supporters, the silence on the left or even its outright lies make this conclusion clear.

  3. This is going to get someone shot.

    They’ll probably deserve it, and reasonably should have recognized that their victim might fight back, but that won’t unshoot them.

  4. Trump is causing the PC and the Left to show themselves as the unhinged bigots they are.
    Once he takes office, watch how quickly the illegals and thugs are rounded up.
    This is all part of taking our country back and restoring decency and order.
    I am with him all the way.

    “America First!”

  5. I absolutely love to see Trump fly into the press and call them out for exactly what the press is doing.

  6. . There was on one of those linked videos a sucker punch that floored a Trump supporter. For those in the nice parts of this country, if you visit the big cities like mine and get a flat tire in a poor area and you look very civilized, here’s the defense…used even by a number of ufc people in the ring for regular defense since ufc gloves are too tiny to act as blocking devices as in boxing.
    On the same side as the approaching sucker punch, take that same side hand of yours and grab the top./ back of your head with that elbow straight forward along the side of your face…. your forearm and bicep are toward the punch and they are now preventing a knockout and his face is open for your other hand. It will hurt but you won’t be knocked out. Most often, it’s a right hand from a guy facing you ( your left hand goes up to the top/back of your head…elbow forward and inward a tad…you then throw your right at his open face after his blow hits your left structured defense….unlike the Trump supporter who got hit from slightly behind and right ( raising his right would have saved him). Two morons from the NY harbor area here are serving manslaughter terms due to sucker punching other guys who died within days from internal bleeding. Christ specified in one account a man striking you on the right cheek and give him the other also. Scholars note that he used his weaker hand for the first slap ( his left ) so Christ was actually talking about a ritual much like slapping with a glove in Europe several centuries before modernity. Christ was not saying…let a thug sucker punch you with full force at which point you can’t turn the other cheek…you’re out or you’re seeing double and pretending you’re not. Youtube grav maga videos recommend or did in the past recommend the above technique and ufc people use it as ordinary block….because they don’t have bigger gloves as in boxing.

  7. I am of course local to the Bay Area and live close to San Jose geographically: an eyewitness to the riot in San Jose said, besides the vicious, apparently paid Latino protestor organizations, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) thugs were the heart of the violence against the Trump people. Of course, SEIU is closely connected with the California Democrat political establishment and is essential to any major office holder in this benighted state.

  8. God forgive me for stating the truth, but the vast majority of violent protesters are brown.

    In my own parish a few years back, a Latino woman damaged a white families vehicle while attempting to depart the parish parking lot. Pressure was applied to the Anglo family not to seek justice because, you know, the women was not here legally and didn’t have a driver’s license. This really caused a great rift, but what are you supposed to do, not drive your car to your parish because the illegals don’t follow basic US driving procedures?

  9. If these gangsters continue, then one day the person whom they bully will point the muzzle end of a fire arm at them and pull the trigger. I despise Trump. Even more – I loathe liberals. And I think it is Sanders not Clinton behind this. But I could be wrong. Both are despicable. And thanks to Obama we are heading for civil war. 🙁

  10. No big surprise this is what Democrats do. They are the new barbarians, looters and despoilers. Things like this happen when the empire shows signs of collapse.

  11. A cleansing of historic proportion is forecasted from my vantage point.

    I can’t prove it and I won’t try to convince anyone to believe it, but the climate change that matters is brewing into a cataclysmic soup. As in the day of Noah, we are witnesses to the behavior of paganism that once ushered in a flood, The Flood, and today the Ark is Our Lady, her Rosary and the Eucharist.

    Has the world seen social disturbances of great magnitude before? Yes. Did the world end? Of course not. What’s different this time? The ability to communicate instantly around the world and spread chaos via misinformation, lies and deceit.

    Black is white? Good is bad? Genders are chosen, not naturally given. Killing babies is a right. On and on it goes…. spreading into the Vatican and it’s Leadership.

    My humble prediction is a deep cleaning for the dusty world.

  12. “My humble prediction is a deep cleaning for the dusty world.”
    But this time it will be by fire and not by water, for the dust is as combustible as the pulverized coal feeding the furnace of the boiler at a coal-fired electrical generating station.

  13. PS, have you ever seen pulverized coal? Look at how fine it is – from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries:
    This stuff gets very hazardous around coal plants. It gets everywhere and if allowed to accumulate it can spontaneously ignite. Coal plants are dirty, filthy things, hard to keep from blowing up due to this kind of fuel.
    Speaking metaphorically, the country is full of this stuff – dirty, filthy, hard to keep from blowing up, ready always to spontaneously ignite.

  14. And I understand the San Jose police in riot gear just stood and watched this happen, no effort to stop people getting beat up.

    A prosecuting district attorney told me recently that these rioters, if arrested, just spend a night in jail, it that. You never hear afterwards what happen to them in court; that’s because they are not prosecuted for what they did because it cost too much money and time to get a conviction.

    I’m calling my state legislators Monday to ask them to introduce legislation that will mandate that such rioters, if arrested, pay for the expense the city incurs protecting the people who exercise their civil rights of assembly. In addition, they should have their cars impounded as a down payment on what they owe the city for protecting the law abiding people exercising their constitutional rights. The rioters are being paid to do this, so the fines should be high enough that their financiers will have to pay them a lot more money in order to get them to risk losing everything they have.

  15. My wife is Latina and my sons are legally Hispanic minorities. I would deport every last illegal alien and not care a bit where they came from.

    Only an idiot would deny that California lets illegals vote.

    This election is a referendum on the Obama catastrophe. You want to repent of uncharitable emotions, e.g., hatred; divorce yourself from liberal and media Obama worshippers; and end your blindness to the catastrophic impact of seven-plus years of this disastrous presidency.
    Hillary would be eight more years of economic sloth growth and cultural and national destruction, which these mobs are simply minor/secondary symptoms.
    Do you know what would happen if you assaulted an illegal or his traitorous employer?

  17. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

    Well now, that is a great explanation! The link too. Your right Lucius.


    Well done. I will pray for your efforts at the legislative level. You too have great insight and positive ideas.


  18. From Instapundit : “Kim Holmes sat down with Ginni Thomas of the Daily Caller (yes, and the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) to explain why he believes the Left’s various contemporary outrages constitute ‘a mopping-up operation and they’re going in for the kill.’ Rather than merely dismissing this as another despairing old conservative, you would do well to read and hear Holmes make his case.”
    They’re maneuvering in for the kill of Christianity in America, too.

  19. You can despise him all you want. It’s almost besides the point. This is what the left has done to our country. We are not allowed to rally for our guy. If it was Cruz do you think it would be any different? They destroyed Bush as best they could, And Sarah Palin. We are not allowed to have speakers speak. We are not allowed to protest without being drowned out by counter-protestors. We are not allowed to have our rights respected. The Occupy mobs were given free reign to disrupt, disturb the peace, break laws and police were made to stand down. ‘Justice for Trayvon’, Ferguson, Baltimore, Black Lives Matter…..mob rule. 4 people were arrested in San Jose! This- I despise. I despise what Obama has unleashed in our country.
    It takes a lot to fight against these goons. When I see it in action I can almost understand why the republicans rolled over playing dead for the last 7+ years. I just hope Trump wins. Although that won’t be the end of it, it could be the beginning of restoring some order and common sense to public life. And it would be so refreshing to have president who likes America….
    Time will tell. And til then, I’ll be thinking about the ‘Benedict Option’…..I heard there is some good real estate in Norcia.

  20. “You can despise him all you want.”

    Thank you I will. The man is a liar, a braggart, a liberal Democrat in Republican disguise. He has no more business being President than does the current occupant. Calling him scum is an insult to scum.

    “If it was Cruz do you think it would be any different?”

    Yes, because in that case their attacks would be lies. In regard to Trump the truth is bad enough. Trump is an appalling person, as is Hillary.

  21. Christine,
    I personally think the violence was Mexican brawlers hoping to wolf pack stray Trump people. Bernie Sanders people…the far left… will disrupt a convention by throwing chairs etc. but I’m betting you’ll never see them do the potentially lethal sucker punch on a person with a relaxed neck. I never realized the violent “narco cultura” of Mexican youth until I saw that film on netflix of that name which showed that cartel related songs and the praise of violence and hitmen is all the rage with Mexican youth at concerts and night clubs. It’s a disgusting culture and the film showed high school girls exuding that they’d like to be girlfriends of the guys who sing the narco songs. Brawlers don’t have to be paid…I grew up them in an awful neighborhood that included multiple unpaid for murders. Males who sense they will fail eventually in US society…veer then toward the fake power of hurting human beings. Mexicans youth at this point in history are sensing that future economic failure of themselves and will act out as thugs to compensate as my Irish did especially a century ago…but even in my later Irish/Italian neighborhood where the Catholic parish high school dance had two street fights on the dance floor per week in a tough city. One thug knocked out a priest at one dance, was thrown out for a month, then hired as a bouncer at the Catholic dance by the same parish. Watch the far left…the Sanders people….I don’t think you’ll ever see them sucker punch a person with a relaxed neck. I think throwing chairs at conventions or fist fightng alert opposition at conventions is likely but the sucker punching is potentially lethal and that comes from economic losers. To date several Trump fans have done that and Mexican youth have. The USA version of the left are not like Maoists of years ago. They’re looking for things like free college.
    The Mexican thugs are not looking for college unless it’s pretend college with remedial reading.

  22. Bill-
    I don’t think it’s so much things like free college, as “you owe me free college” is a thing they can fight for.
    Did you ever watch that cartoon “The Tick”? I don’t want to STOP evil, I just want to FIGHT it.
    They’re not allowed to pour that into traditional religion. Only a fool would pour it into relationships, when “commitment” means they’ll sleep with you more than once. Can’t defend truth or reason, both of those are going to be redefined when it becomes popular.

    But you can attack licit targets.
    You can pour your life into destroying Those Horrible Racist Haters. You can give someone else the guilt for all of your own shortcomings– there’s the well known saw that to find out what one of these guys is doing, look at what they accuse you of doing– and then destroy them.

  23. Foxfier,
    Speaking of odd presidents…did you see who the Phillipines elected? They elected a man who allowed death squads in his city of Davao as mayor and is promising to give money and medals to citizens and police who kill drug dealers who resist apprehension. The death penalty there was abolished when Pope Benedict was early in his reign….which abolishment I regretted and Pope Benedict praised. Looks like Benedict’s joy was short lived. Brazil too for decades has had no death penalty but had police shooting criminals who were already down on the ground…and on video at times. If you ignore Romans 13:4 as three Popes now have….reality will give you a distortion of the orderly death penalty.

  24. . “Corrupt journalists” are his second choice for execution so it sounds like you’re correct.

  25. To Donald,
    Well, I don’t agree with you on Donald Trump, but I think I’m allowed to disagree here.
    ….I have to appreciate that more than ever!
    I also appreciate your condemnation of the mobs despite your feelings about Trump.
    It is scary dangerous! What happened in San Jose was wrong, and I would say the same thing if it were directed against Hillary or Obama…..however unlikely. (Although the Dem Convention could be a real donnybrook with the Bernie youth movement.)
    – an otherwise agreeable reader of AC

  26. “but I think I’m allowed to disagree here.”

    Sometimes I think it is a requirement here at TAC. 🙂

    “It is scary dangerous!”

    Indeed it is. Leftists are now all about shutting people up. They badly misjudge Americans if they think most of us will put up with it. We are quite close to some serious domestic violence in this country if these type of mob actions continue. I do appreciate the restraint shown by Trump supporters thus far in the face of these outrageous tactics.

  27. I just remembered this incident (which I witnessed) so looked it up to share with you.

    Girl Faces Jail for Hurling Egg at Goldwater in Iowa
    OCT. 21, 1964

    SIOUX CITY, Iowa, Oct. 20 (AP)—Miss Ann Ellen Chris­tensen of Newell, Iowa, a 20­year‐old business college stu­dent, admitted today that she threw an egg that hit Senator Barry Goldwater during the Re­publican Presidential candidate’s visit here last Friday.

    Miss Christensen pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct and was sentenced to serve 15 days in the county jail or pay a $50 fine. Municipal Judge John Hutchinson gave her until Friday tq pay the fine.

    She was arrested today at the Nettleton Business Training College, where she is a student.
    Miss Christensen wrote a let­ter of apology to the Senator.

    This article can be viewed in its original form. Please send questions and feedback to

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