Such Transparent Crooks

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I will say this for the current administration:  it has no peer for brazen lawlessness:


The State Department said it would take 75 years for the release of emails from top aides to Hillary Clinton from during her time as secretary of State.

Lawyers said it would take that long to compile the 450,000 pages of records from former Clinton aides Cheryl Mills, Jacob Sullivan and Patrick Kennedy, according to a court filing from last week, which was first reported by CNN.

“Given the Department’s current [Freedom of Information Act] workload and the complexity of these documents, it can process about 500 pages a month, meaning it would take approximately 16-and-2/3 years to complete the review of the Mills documents, 33-and-1/3 years to finish the review of the Sullivan documents, and 25 years to wrap up the review of the Kennedy documents — or 75 years in total,” the State Department said in the filing.

In March, the Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a pair of lawsuits requesting the release of emails and records from Clinton and her top aides during and after her time at the State Department.

“The Obama administration has failed to comply with records requests in a timely manner as required by law,” Chairman Reince Priebus said in a March statement, noting that the RNC had previously requested the documents from State last October and December.

Go here to read the rest.  These gangsters don’t even hide their contempt for the law any longer.

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  1. Every time I see Hillary Cllinton’s face, I think of Livia Drusilla Augusta Caesar. Imagine her winning in November.

  2. let’s see how many so-called Catholics vote for Hillary and her baby-killing, lying and thieving agenda…..

  3. Assuming that we can subtract the part of “compiling” that does not involve opening and reading emails, we would still get many mucho years of time to process. If this is true then it proves that Clinton and her cronies are useless, since they obviously don’t have time to read each others’ emails. They are just monkeys banging at keyboards.
    If it were true…

  4. I think a Hillary Clinton presidency is unconstitutional.

    She’s already been elected president for two terms (anyone who thinks Hillary doesn’t run things in the Clinton household needs his/her head examined), so another go at it is contrary to the 22nd amendment.

  5. “You couldn’t get the truth out of Hillary if you water boarded her.” Barry Bennett
    “No man can get rich in politics unless he’s a crook.” Truman. The Clintons’ net worth is estimated at $200 million.
    We need to recognize that her nomination is an historical first! She’s the first major party POTUS nominee that is under multiple FBI criminal investigations involving nearly 150 agents/analysts.
    In fact, calling Hillary “the smartest woman on the planet” is a misogynist slur. If she were the “smartest” woman, the average-intellect woman would be an dolt.

  6. The Clintons are an organized crime syndicate, propped up by a left wing media and aided and abetted by the single worst organization in the past thousand years….the US Democrat Party.

  7. I wonder if the next time I am responding to a request for production I can tell the judge it will take me 75 years, and cite to the State Department for precedence.

  8. A phrase I think Hillary herself used over something or other comes to mind, That would require a willing suspension of disbelief”. If it would take the Department of Justice seventy-five years to produce a portion of work performed by Clinton’s aids in four years, the DOJ should fire its staff and hire Clintons aids. And the notion that Clinton’s deleted thirty-thousands emails were about Chelsea’s wedding and Hillary’s yoga classes is inane, no, asinine. She would have had time for nothing else, and in fact still be typing madly away.

  9. Please excuse my dyspeptic computer. Characters are dropping out due to some kind of attempted intrusion which Norton is trying to block. Is anyone else having similar trouble?

  10. My recent post being moderated Is lost on my end. Trouble persists and I will go off line.

  11. “I wonder if the next time I am responding to a request for production I can tell the judge it will take me 75 years, and cite to the State Department for precedence.”

    Comment of the week c matt! Take ‘er away Sam!

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