Clinton E-Mail Depositions

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When it comes to the Clintons the normal rules that apply to the rest of us apparently do not apply to them.  For example, in a FOIA act lawsuit brought over the Clinton e-mails by Judicial Watch, a conservative group, Hillary Clinton’s chief of state Cheryl Mills was deposed and her deposition was videotaped.  Prior to Mills’ deposition, her lawyers requested that it not be released to the public, so it could not be used against Clinton for partisan political purposes.  In a bizarre ruling, Judge Emmet Sullivan agreed that the video of the depositions could not be released to the public, but that transcripts of the depositions could be released.  He then, sua sponte ( by the court’s unilateral action) made this decision applicable to all depositions taken in the case.

Legal suits, in most cases, are public matters.  The public normally has a right to access to the materials of such a lawsuit, absent matters that a court finds to be subject to some sort of legal privilege.  There is no legal privilege protecting materials in a lawsuit from being used for political purposes.

Fortunately Phelim McAleer, an independent filmmaker, is dramatizing the depositions.  Only the text of the depositions is used in the films.  McAleer is used to telling the stories the news media tries to ignore for political reasons.  He has just finished filming on a movie about abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who he describes as the most prolific serial killer in American history.  He is kickstarting his project to dramatize the Clinton e-mail depositons.  Go here if you wish to contribute.  I did.



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  1. Let truth prevail.

    I’m in.

    33% of his goal is accomplished.
    I will circulate this important endeavor as well.
    Thanks for making his project known.

  2. 189 evasions…. that’s quite a bit of “I don’t recall’s.”

    I just circulated this post to the Holy League members in N.W. Michigan. I hope other patriots will join in the effort.

    The problems are not that Hillary is corrupt, criminal, deceitful, incompetent, incompetent, incompetent, and psychopathic – everybody knows that. The problems are millions of worshipers that don’t care.
    “You couldn’t get Hillary to tell the truth if you water boarded her.” Barry Bennett

  4. “You couldn’t get Hillary to tell the truth if you water boarded her.”

    Has anyone tried it??

    If the zombies won’t reason with Truth, and the believers in the war on women look at Hillary as Saviour of freedom to kill, then it’s the Trump card! That is our last play.
    Hillary might as well said what Trump voiced; “I could stand in the middle of 5th Ave. and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose voters.”

    Thing is… she’s been part of the killings of the unborn for years and her followers are murderer’s. Some have repented and are clean of heart. Others are the walking dead.
    The zombies will carry Hillary on their shoulders into hell unless they turn away from their sin and promotions if sin.

    Strong word, murderer.
    I do not say it easily.
    Our niece, aunt, sister, daughters and wives may belong to the category. All the more our prayers and support to call them back to Truth before the final judgment.

    Are you angry at your brother?
    We too could be in the same category as abortionists and those who have procured abortions.

    We all fall short of God’s glory, but we can’t be silent and have someone else carry our weight. We must stop Hillary and help our neighbors by living the truth.

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