Moments of Silence and Moments of Insanity

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Some Democrats in Congress disrupted a moment of silence in the House yesterday for the victims in Orlando murdered by jihadist Omar Mateer.  Why did they do this?  Oh it was a bit of agit/prop as part of their latest campaign to attack the Second Amendment.  Mark Shea, who is now in full leftist mode, thought this was wonderful.  Go here to read his post and the comments.  Here is a post by Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts on this latest in our continuing descent into a barely disguised cold civil war:




Only accepting the proposals of Liberal Democrats can bring lasting peace.  Jesus, bless His heart, had some awfully fine moments, but let’s get real.  If you want to make peace, you accept the true gospel of Liberalism and its efficacious proposals.  Wasting everyone’s time with prayer is just wasting everyone’s time.  It’s nice to see leading Catholic voices jump on board and remind us that our religion is often the source of bigotry and our prayers nothing but dodges unless we conform to the real Truth of, well, Liberal Democratic narratives and proposals.


In 1994, Dr. R. Albert Mohler began dismantling the more liberal elements of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  One of the things he did was eliminate the School of Social Work.  That school was, in fairness, a hotbed of theological and cultural liberalism.  It was nothing to find pro-choice, pro-gay rights, feminist, liberal theological views among the students and faculty of that school.  In a move that was controversial, since rumor had it that Dr. Mohler had promised he would do no such thing, he went ahead and closed the school.

When he made the announcement, all hell broke loose.  Figuratively speaking that is.  And the protests erupted.  Over the next weeks and months, it got ugly.  That’s when I said that everything I ever wanted to know about politics I learned in seminary.  At one point, the protesters trying to save the Social Work School arranged a prayer-in.  Lining the halls, they sat and prayed together.

At chapel services that week, Dr. Mohler lashed out.  He condemned the use of prayer for leverage in the debate.  The students and several faculty fired back, expressing outrage that Dr. Mohler would in any way demean the use of prayer.  After all, a rich history of martyrs, mystics and spiritual leaders did nothing but pray for endless hours and days, if not longer.  Many who died for the faith died with prayers to the Almighty on their lips.  How could anyone impugn prayer?  How could any believer do anything but at least affirm the wonder and efficacy of prayer? At the time, I gave the points to the protesters.  Prayer is not something to be mocked.  It is not our place to read the hearts of those praying, even if it is for ends with which we disagree.

Fast forward to now.  The number one issue that the Left sees as plausible for the dismantling of the Bill of Rights has become the end all issue.  And over the last year or so, those who appeal to God through prayer, or pray for victims, during such massacres are increasingly mocked and derided by progressives and radical Leftists.

So, we’re back to the age old question.  Whenever I see proponents of liberal values condemn what they once advocated, or advocate what they once condemned, I wonder who is right and when.  If prayer is this sacred thing that should never be gainsaid, then are those who are smacking down or belittling the prayers of people today wrong?  Or do I owe Dr. R. Albert Mohler an apology?

Go here to comment.  Societies are bound together in many ways, and perhaps not the least important of these bonds is simple good manners.  Democrats have long gained political advantage by jettisoning good manners when political ends can be reached by doing so.  In this, and so many other ways, they have been unknowingly instructing their adversaries, with ghastly consequences down the road I suspect for the country.  Trump is rightly taken to task for incivility and over the top language, but the only thing unusual about Trump in our political life is that currently he has an “R” after his name.

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  1. Shea pretty much establishes himself as a vacuum of intellect with that post.

    Paul Ryan offers “thoughts and prayers” to repel action on gun slaughter
    Jesus answers his prayer with, “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and not do what I say?”

    Oh so Shea speaks for Jesus now? Or is he trying to say the democrats do that now? Either way strikes me as pretty much full on blasphemy. Maybe Shea should go reread Job 42:7 a few times.

    Prayer is wonderful as prologue to obedience to God. But as a preventive measure against obedience to, say, the fifth commandment, not so much.

    Honor thy father and mother? I didn’t see Paul disrespecting his folks.

    Ok I kid kid. I know he meant “thou shall not kill” which should be entertaining to see him explain who Paul Ryan murdered.

    Oh but Shea tried to clarify it in the comments:

    You shall not kill is not a thought unique to Democrats.

    Don, you work in the law mines so correct me if I’m wrong but… I’m like… at least 99% sure that “do not kill” is already a law.

  2. Actually I broke God’s law prior to knowing it in a violence incident with a criminal in 2013. Here is Exodus 22:2 and notice that in the dark, you can presume the thug is a lethal robber and you can kill him but in daylight, if he’s stealing, you are to presume he’s a burglar who thinks you’re out in the field with the flock:

    Exodus 22:2-3
    ” If a thief is caught breaking in at night and is struck a fatal blow, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed; 3 but if it happens after sunrise, the defender is guilty of bloodshed.”

    Now even adjusting for modern life, I came home to a removed living room window then tracked down the daytime burglar on the street and brought him very close to judgement day via choking etc. because he stole a lethal weapon,electronics inter alia…and my blue athletic bag….all of which I repossessed. God then guided me in ensuing months to Exodus 22:2…and reminded me that I’m getting too old for state prison also besides risking hell for murder over material things. But if he returns with a pistol as he said he would, I’d shoot him with my shotgun…because he’s coming as a killer not as a burglar. Exodus is distinguishing between a burglar and a robber…and you can’t kill the former which I was willing to do …derived from a rough early life that saw me carrying a dagger at 13 years old because the whole neighborhood was bully central with two murders near my house in two different years…and with a pro boxer in that area being murdered for adultery….the bullet way in another year.

  3. …hearing Paul Ryan rapping his gavel against the din….
    oh Jesus, oh Sacred Heart, how can any semblance of order be found. Good St. Joseph, protector of the Holy Family, Prudent, Just,Temperate and Strong, pray for us.

  4. Oh it keeps getting worse.

    Person 1: It’s a way to dodge responsibility for actually, you know, leading.
    Person 2: Or, it’s simple human compassion and decency.
    Mark Shea: No. It’s a mockery of prayer and a pious prophylactic against so much as allowing the matter to be studied as the public health issue it obviously is. And the Party of Life and God is the engine of the whole thing.

    Considering how this man uses “God bless you” I guess he would know a thing or two about making a mockery of prayer…

  5. Health crises: let’s look at the facts and believe your lying eyes. Guns are involved in (all causes) of death for 30,000 Americans. AMA members’ medical mistakes are responsible for over 200,000 Americans’ deaths per annum. Which is the real health crisis?
    Lies all lies.
    From 1934 to 1945, Hitler collectively blamed all Jews for all Germany’s problems.
    In 2016, Obama and the left are using the same blood libels against millions of ordinary American gun owners for various acts mass murder by Muslim jihadis.
    As with Hitler, Obama and his imbecilic acolytes deal 100% of the time in 100% lies.

  6. I saw a chart on Facebook which revealed that, at 1,600,000 (or is it 1,000,000?) deaths a year, the leading cause of death among Americans were abortions. At about 600,000 each annually, heart disease and cancer were second/third largest causes of death. Which is the health crisis?
    No wait! How evil of me! Abortions are “women’s health care.” I need to be sent to re-education camp.

  7. I promise I’ll stop.
    Why You Can’t Talk With Mark-who? Seeker: “Muslims are doing most of these violent attacks around the world. Name me one positive thing Muslims have done lately.”

    Shea: “That’s so sinful.”

    Seeker: “It’s not sinful to ask a question.”

    Shea: “Yes, it is!”
    Niemoller Poem for 2016: First, they came for the NRA members, . . .

    It’s not a gun crisis or a health crisis. It’s the nature of Islam and it’s Obama’s seven-plus year campaign to wreck America. For instance, U.S. Security/FBI knew about Mateen’s Islamic loyalty, but beyond questioning him a few times, was not only passive. Then they dropped his name from a “no-fly list.” Probably because the Obama administration’s top-down leadership makes it clear that law enforcement should not scrutinize Muslims. Attacking the NRA is a logical next step. It diverts attention from the fatal truth – “Death to America!”

  8. Exodus 22:2-3
    ” If a thief is caught breaking in at night and is struck a fatal blow, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed; 3 but if it happens after sunrise, the defender is guilty of bloodshed.”
    Okay, slightly different subject here, but as this was brought up, and doesn’t make sense to me, and God usually does make sense, why is it different night vs day? There must be some reason for this?

  9. DJH, think about a minute.

    If someone is breaking into your house at night (particularly back then with little to no artificial lighting) then you have no idea if they’re armed or unarmed, so God allows the homeowner to assume armed and kill the intruder.

    If they break in during the daytime then you have the light to see if the intruder is armed or not thus you are not allowed to kill an unarmed intruder.

  10. “Democrats have long gained political advantage by jettisoning good manners when political ends can be reached by doing so”

    Especially when their opposition (if we can actually call them that) allows themselves to be intimidated by it. As far as Mark Shea is concerned, he has been completely off the rails for over a decade. But yet the “orthodox” Catholic Media Complex continues to protect him either through their silence and/or hiring him as a columnist.

  11. The largest mass murder in U.S. history was committed with box cutters and aviation fuel.
    Food for thought.

  12. Dr. Albert Mohler was correct. Using prayer as a guise for advancing a personal political agenda comes frightfully close to mocking God.

  13. DJH asked, “why is it different night vs day?”

    The Roman Law of the Twelve Tables (450 BC) was the same. The nocturnal thief could be killed, but in the daytime only if he defended himself with a weapon (si se telo defendat) and if the householder called out for help (endo plorato)

    By the common law of England, Burglary was a purely nocturnal offence, “in the nighttime, breaking and entering &c.”

    An Israelite or Roman householder could not simply turn on a light. He would not know the number of the intruders, whether they were armed or not &c and was reduced to striking out at random.

  14. We should all join the N.R.A and support their work even if we do not own a firearm. The government needs to respect the people and the Second Amendment tends to guarantee that. Liberals do not respect the will of the people.

  15. DJH
    I meant to mention the Scottish statute, 1661 c 22, which speaks of “homicide committed upon thieves or robbers breaking houses in the night or in case of homicide the time of masterful depredation…”

  16. What if conservative Republicans disrupted a moment of silence for murdered sodomites? Can you imagine the outcry from Mark Shea and the rest of the leftists?

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