Random Observations

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  1. I assume it says something deplorable about me that I laughed heartily when I saw the above image on a passing car on my way to a bankruptcy hearing on Tuesday.
  2. Yesterday in a parish book discussion, the Deacon leading the group asked us what quality we would most like to be remembered for.  It was a question I had never asked myself, but without any thought on my part my automatic answer was “Justice”.  The answer was obvious enough I guess for someone in my profession, but I was surprised by the intensity and conviction with which I said it.  I usually choose my words with care but this simply burst forth from some place deep inside me.
  3. Throughout my life I have been bemused by how often the phenomenon of synchronicity has occurred as I make my way through this vale of tears.  Go here to read about it.  The latest example took place today.  This morning I posted “The Manchester Affair” that detailed the battle between the Kennedy clan and William Manchester over his book about the Kennedy assassination, The Death of a President.  I just got back from a very large used book sale in Naperville.  My bride and I go to it each year.  The history section had about  1,000 volumes.  As I eagerly approached the history books, the first volume I saw, and which I picked up to purchase, was William Manchester’s The Death of a President.

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  1. I only recently began receiving THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC and I am wondering who you are and why it is only you, Donald McClarey, who writes all of the posts. To be sure, I also would have laughed seeing that bumper sticker so what does that say about any of us? You should know that I look forward to reading this, whatever it is called, a blog, a post, a newsletter? No matter, it is the first to come to my mailbox each morning and good to begin my day energizing my thought processes.

  2. “The answer was obvious enough I guess for someone in my profession…”

    I was told the story of a man arriving at King’s Cross station in London and asking a cab to take him to the Royal Courts of Justice.

    The cabbie looked nonplussed for a moment and then enlightenment dawned: “Oh! You mean the Law Courts.”

  3. “Oh! You mean the Law Courts.”


    In the US courthouses are usually now called Law and Justice Centers, a change over the past quarter century that I abhor. I tell my clients that at these places they will always be sure to get a lot of Law but that Justice is a much more hit or miss proposition!

  4. “I only recently began receiving THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC and I am wondering who you are and why it is only you, Donald McClarey, who writes all of the posts.”

    Glad you are enjoying the blog Anna. The American Catholic is a group blog founded back in 2008. Our contributors, and they change over time, post as they wish, as we have no required writing schedule. I like to write, and I have a lot that I wish to cover, so I usually post several articles a day, and have been doing so since the beginning of the blog.

  5. Of course, we are here; the T Rex is not. Must have been global warming. Re random thoughts and justice, below from BCG Attorney Search re law firms:

    Guy McClung
    there are only two lawyer jokes- everything else is true

    Guy McClung
    Guy McClung 21 days ago
    .This is spot on and the message comes thru loud and clear, the law business is about business, not about “profession” or justice or right and wrong, it is not about serving clients, and it is spelled “bu$ine$$.” Partners want to make sure you know this spelling, if not, you are not like them and they have no u$e for you. One thing to be added: Have no opinion about anything because 1. you don’t know the opinions of every partner and if you have one that is opposite to theirs, even if you are in Litigation and they are in Real Estate, they will blackball you; and 2. NEVER publish an opinion on anything ever -even if it indeed is the opinion of all the partners because they know that some client or potential client may have an opposite opinion. Back to the driving force of these partner$, if there is a potential billion dollar client who is in favor of beheading Christians, and you publish a Letter To The Editor about the recent atrocity of 20 two year olds being beheaded before their Jesus-loving parents, and all the partners agree with you, they will be upset that you published the letter because they may not get the work from the billion dollar client. Be a money machine, have no original thought, hide your true self, take no vacation for ten years, forget you have a soul, and you will be like them – and they will embrace you as one of their$s. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas ps: Did I mention you can forget love, marriage and kids?

  6. Donald R McClarey wrote “In the US courthouses are usually called Law and Justice Centers…”

    In Edinburgh, the court building is called the Parliament House (It is the old pre-1707 Parliament building), next to St Giles Cathedral in the Royal Mile. Currently, the Scottish Parliament sits in the Scottish Parliament Building at Holyrood.

    This confuses tourists no end, but as the two buildings are within half-a-mile of each other, no great harm is done, especially as the walk is a pleasant one, through the most historic part of Edinburgh.

  7. Pardon me for thinking of the mordant, but T-Rex devouring its prey reminds me too much of Western Europe, where my daughter and granddaughter live, in the line of advance of the coming caliphate. And soon, as Orlando taught us, here.

  8. I only recently began receiving THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC and I am wondering who you are and why it is only you, Donald McClarey, who writes all of the posts.

    On my part, I’m really, really slow to make posts, and I don’t already know most of what I write about– I have to look them up. Which would be easier without four kids, homeschooling, and if we weren’t preparing to move across the country. Or if I’d just throw stuff out without wanting to give a variety of links. :/
    Donald sets a high enough bar on “good posts” that I hate to do a quick “hey, here’s something cool” with a link type posts. And I feel guilty just reposting some of my old Catholic geekery type ones if they’re not really, really relevant. (I do things like looking into what we know about angels, or demons, or how Frankenstein or Vampires would interact with Catholic theology, personhood theory, those silly things like “this part of the Catholic Church is pagan/was stolen from pagans/was pagan first” for Easter and Christmas.)
    I’m working on an article for Saint Death in Mexico– short version, it’s a false saint for things we’re not allowed to do– but I’m really slow. :/

  9. Mary De Voe, In this day and age, with so many choices, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one individual. Now if we knew what gender the dinosaur is, it might be easier.

  10. The cartoon above reminded me of the 1970 frog leg cartoon by S. Gross. My college advisor used to show it his students to see if they laughed, which I and my friends did. I tried unsuccessfully to copy and paste.

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