Fortnight For Freedom: Cynical About Cynicism

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fortnight for freedom 2016




My favorite scene from Frank Capra’s classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  It is easy to give way to weary cynicism when one contemplates all the evil in the world.  However, history is replete with examples of men and women who fought the good fight and won.  Even those who fought and were defeated ennobled all of us by their stand.  Let us ever be cynical about cynicism and let us ever be ready to pick up the gauntlet, no matter the odds, so that, in the ringing phrase of Lincoln, truth, and justice, and mercy, and all the humane and Christian virtues might not be extinguished from the land.

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        (Language advisory as to the above video.)   News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:  


  1. You know, people talk about ‘Capra corn,’ but I find that Capra’s films are uplifting, not because he ignores the evil in the world, but because he faces it squarely and posits that it’s doesn’t have to have the last word. “Mr. Smith” is a perfect example of that: really one of the greatest films about America ever made.

    Plus, you really can’t go wrong with James Stewart, Jean Arthur, and Claude Rains all in one film.

  2. “Wonderful” post Donald….one reason I enjoy visiting here. Capra, like Ford, used film to enrich our moral sensibilities. He brought forth bold, and dare I say, masculine virtue on the screen. It’s why we fight 🙂 This clip captures a dark night of the soul moment…..which you also see with his character George Bailey. thx

  3. Cynicism, contempt, bad faith… I’m getting so tired of it being tossed up like it’s correct and evidence of sophistication, when it’s usually just cheap and lazy. Occasionally right, and it protects you from being hurt by assuming good faith where there is none– but staying the heck out and informing yourself when you can’t would do the same.

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