First Trailer for Mel Gibson’s Movie Hacksaw Ridge

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The first trailer for the movie Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson’s tribute to conscientious objector, and Medal of Honor awardee, Desmond Doss.  The film is out in November.  Go here to learn more about Doss.  In an election year it is easy to get cynical about humanity,  but when we contemplate a man like Doss we begin to understand why God bothered to make us in the first place.

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  1. Thank you, Mel Gibson, for perspective when it’s most needed.

    His other Great War movie, We Were Soldiers Once, is the best ever made in my opinion. Because it’s not really about war so much as the human virtues of courage; faithfulness; honour; fortitude. All refined and purified and crystallized by combat. He does it again here it appears.

    Both of these are true stories. As Catholics are prone to do, he focuses on virtuous lives lived, and holds them up as a beacon of light.

    Do this! Be like this! This is how you do it!


  2. It’s been too long since he made a movie like this. I can only hope he continues. How about his next feature being on the battle of Lepanto? Don Juan of Austria would make a great lead.

  3. A Mel Gibson tale of Lepanto would be the crown jewel of his oeuvre. The hinge point of Western Civilzation; the turning of the tide against the Saracens; a great example of Papal wisdom and leadership. And something Gibson seems to love, the mystical side of the Faith, in which Mary actively appears and intervenes on behalf of her Son.

    There may be no other director who could properly tell that tale. A perfect story for our times in so many ways. I agree.

    I’ve read he was considering a movie on Judah Maccabee and his brothers’ fight for liberation from Greek rule and persecution. That has potential, too.

    But this would be better.

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