L’audace, L’audace, Toujours L’audace

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In a memorable day in American political history, Donald Trump met with the Mexican President in a scene which had all the trappings of a head of state visiting another head of state.  It could easily have blown up in his face, instead Trump looked completely presidential.  Trump is clearing willing to gamble, something professional politicians are loathe to do.  He might well be audacity incarnate, and calls to mind Danton’s famous cry:  audacity, audacity, ever audacity.  He is the most dangerous opponent for a completely conventional politician like Hillary Clinton who never makes a move that is not heavily scripted.  I am looking forward to their debates.





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  1. The best defense is a good offensive. Old military maxim: who defends everywhere defends nowhere, strategic defense can be a losing strategy.

    The “L’Audace” quote, I believe, goes back in some form to Cain and Abel.
    Only reason I would watch (football game is on at that time) the debates is in hopes to see Hillary melt down. A massive stroke would be justice.
    Trump needs to hammer Hillary on her ruinous economic plan that will wreck America. Then, physical security and open borders. Otherwise, it’s 100% BS.

  2. T Shaw.

    “A massive stroke would be justice.”

    Brutal truth. I don’t wish for harm to come my enemies however their progress and the status quo that injuries the innocent is a line that has been crossed. The inability to recognize the Sacred life of the unborn and to promote its demise are actions that demand justice.

    I am positive as to the promise made; “The mercy you give will be the mercy you shall receive.”

    What is merciful in the killing of babies?
    That question will haunt Hillary for eternity.

    I will continue to pray for her.
    I don’t like her, but I must pray for her.

  3. Philip, In addition to 50+ million murdered babies; the count of men possessing evidence about the Clinton meeting sudden death is by some reports 52 KIA.

  4. T. Shaw.

    Good point.

    The power of darkness is overwhelmingly dominant in Camp Chaos, aka Clintonville.
    How the KGB and SS of years ago would be impressed with these tactics from caring Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    I don’t if the report is accurate, however the timing of these deaths over the years is “uncanny.”


    Only one percent doubt in my mind.

  5. Good for Donald. This is the stuff that success (and failure, too) is made from. Audacity among politicians is a rare commodity in our feminized culture. Of course, if audacity is combined with stupidity, as Trumps detractors would say, the situation could be catastrophic. But Donald is not stupid. Evil makes folks stupid, so to me, Hillary is the greater risk.

  6. And then he went a got himself into another twitter war that makes The Crook look like she knows what she’s talking about when she talks about The Kook

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