Hillary is as Healthy as a Horse!

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On her way to the glue factory.  If we had a media that wasn’t almost completely in bed with the Democrats, the following questions might be asked:

1.  Why such a light campaign schedule?

2.  What did Huma Abedin mean in disclosed e-mails in which she said that you are frequently confused and that you need naps?

3.  What did you mean when you told the FBI that due to a concussion you could not recall the briefings you attended in December 2012?

4.  Were your 26 failures to recall information as set forth in the FBI interview notes in regard to the e-mail scandals due to health problems?

5.  Why do you often have severe coughing fits?

6.  Do you agree with Doctor David Scheiner, the former physician, now retired, of President Obama:   “I think she should have had a neurological examination, a thorough neurological examination in 2016.  We know what happens to football players who have had concussions, how they begin to lose some of their cognitive ability. I think both of them should release their records.”?

7.  If Donald Trump will release his complete medical records, will you release yours?


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  1. Hillary is not healthy physically, mentally or spiritually. But this is not important to the Hillary lovers and Trump haters. This makes sense since our society is largely mentally and spiritually sick unable to determine the truth and, in fact, is not even looking.

    And the Republicans? Not a whole lot better. The back story is that as we meditate in fear about the downside of Hillary or Trump we place our hope in the election of 2020.

  2. MD: You are spot on and an optimist. I think that there will be nothing left in 2020.
    My non-educated medical prediction is Hillary will suffer a massive stroke when Iran nukes some place in America with weapons Obama and Hillary let them develop/deploy.
    Peace in our time!

  3. “The Lion always lieth in wait for prey: so do sins for them that work iniquities.” -Ecclus.27:11

    If the public is privileged to witness the implosion of a wicked soul prior to the election of the wicked, then food is provided for the minds and hearts of those who know not God.

    God is merciful and may allow the public to see for itself the fruits of sin via Hillary R. Clinton. Some of Hillary’s faithful will never understand, but others may benefit from the example of rebellion against God.

    “Thus saith the Lord: Stand ye on the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, which is the good way, and walk ye in it: and you shall find refreshment for your souls. And they said: We will not walk. And I appointed watchmen over you, saying: Hearken ye to the sound of the trumpet. And they said: We will not hearken.”
    Jeremiah 6:16,17

    She will not walk. She will not hearken.
    See then, the destruction of her ways.
    God. Please be mindful of a Nation that does have followers that do walk the old paths..that do hearken to the sound of the trumpet.

  4. BO in 2008 was (IIRC) the first notable in 30-odd years to compete for the job while refusing to release more than cursory remarks from his physician. The media’s economic position has declined (a critical mass of them are themselves or are married to people jonesing for PR positions with Democratic pols) and the media were a willing extension of the BO press office in any case. At the time, John McCain (whose mother was still alive) felt compelled to produce the raw files and have back and forth conversations with reporters about them).

    Her husband admitted that it took six months for her to recover from that concussion.

    Family history’s mixed. Her mother and father had long lives, as did one maternal side aunt and the paternal side grandfather. The lifespans of the other half-dozen 2d degree relations range from 44 to 70.

  5. Where there is smoke, there is always a fire. As a physician, I can hypothesize many clinical conditions that are plaguing this woman. But the crucial point is that despite the tsunami of negatives that are openly evident, too many folks simply brush those aside and root for silly things like a first female President (we are way behind those, compared to other countries; and lots of fiascoes there!) Only God’s mercy can save our country from this demonic possession. The naming of a political savior will only raise howls of all kind, so let us just ptay.

  6. One would think that the presumed, by the left, next president of the United States would have excellent medical care and would be “fit as a fiddle” for her public appearances.
    Perhaps her coughing spells are the equivalent of Pinocchios’ nose growing with every lie?

  7. I am not an MD. That being said: here is my diagnosis for Hillary’s frequent coughing conniptions: She suffers from severe allergies to facts and to the truth. It’s a common malady among progressives.

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