Requiescat In Pace: Phyllis Schlafly

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It hardly seems possible.  Phyllis Schlafly has died at age 92.  Mother of six, she had a superb intellect and a will of steel.  A  devout Catholic, she saw through contemporary feminism to the fundamentally nihilist philosophy it is, and led the successful fight against the Equal Rights Amendment.  One of the key founders of modern conservatism, she was a true force of nature.  I met her when she was giving a speech at the U of I on the day Reagan was shot.  Along with other student conservatives I helped provide security against a leftist mob that cheered the shooting of Reagan.  They attempted, and failed, to shout Schlafly  down, who remained calm and indomitable in a very dicey situation, gave her speech, and took questions from the audience, batting away with ease the insulting sallies of her leftist interlocutors.  If all conservative men had half her courage, this country would be in much better shape.

Update:  What would the death of a conservative be without leftists celebrating?   Go here to read some of their comments.  Leftism never misses an opportunity to reveal how vicious and deranged its devotees truly are.

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  1. The woman was a dynamo, and from a very young age.

    IIRC, she was on the founding staff of the American Enterprise Institute in 1943, and likely the last survivor.

    Toles and others lampooned her capsule arguments against the Equal Rights Amendment, contending these were lurid fantasies and forensic tricks. Subsequent events revealed she was prescient bar on one point: appellate courts enacted parody law without the aid of the Equal Rights Amendment by repurposing the 14th Amendment. She understood the appellate judiciary and the law professoriate better than they understood themselves, and could explain those insights to ordinary women and mobilize them accordingly.

  2. Could any two woman lawyers have been more different than Schlafly and Clinton! What a wonderful role model for women Phyllis Schlafly was and continues to be.

  3. What would the death of a conservative be without leftists celebrating?

    Two things: these people are not random oddballs in their basements. A number of them have salaried (or at least per diem) positions as opinion journalists writing under their own names. The other is that the smart money says they’re like Orwell’s Julia: they know when to cheer and when to boo and that’s it.

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