Tim Kaine Is No Prophet

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Faithful readers of this blog know that I am a fan of The Lutheran Satire videos.  The man behind them, Lutheran Pastor Hans Fiene, has a great post at The Federalist on Tim Kaine’s prediction that the Catholic Church will ultimately approve gay marriage.  He ends on a note of optimism that I believe is completely acccurate:

What Kaine fails to recognize, however, is that Francis is the peak rather than the beginning of liberalism’s ascendancy, that his generation’s Catholicism is in its last gasp. American cultural Christianity is in its death throes. The social mechanisms that have kept heterodox people in the pews and in seminaries are evaporating. For several generations, cultural and moral relativism-spouting court preachers in soft clothing have taught their people that the church body has nothing of substance to offer them, and our nation’s children are finally responding accordingly.

So while Kaine may feel optimistic when he sees that millennials overwhelmingly favor gay marriage, he forgets that, unlike his generation, millennials also overwhelmingly favor not bothering to change the dogma of churches they’ve already quit attending. No matter how many secular cheerleaders your side may have, it will be rather hard for Kaine’s camp to win the battle for Catholicism’s future when they don’t have any actual soldiers under the age of 50.

The future of Christianity does not belong to those who want to clothe themselves in both the robes of the church and the approval of the world. It belongs to those who gladly endure the rejection of this world to taste the kingdom of God. The future of Christianity does not belong to the hordes of aging white, liberal American cafeteria Catholics or a la carte Protestants who insist it doesn’t really matter what you believe as long as you have love in your heart. Christendom’s future belongs to the stubborn young bloods of all tribes and tongues throughout the world who will actually bother to show up because they actually believe what their creeds and catechisms confess.

In the years to come, at least in our nation, our pews may be emptier but the faithful few who fill them will be looking for genuine forgiveness instead of shallow validation. The next generation of clergymen will be far more likely to proclaim it to them, just as they will be more likely to preach genuine repentance to the next generation of Kaines and Paul Simons instead of covering their ears every time those supposedly devout Catholics and Lutherans claim to be “personally opposed” to an evil they’ve consistently worked to perpetuate.

The future of Christianity does not belong to those who are certain the pope will one day see the light on gay marriage or any other unbiblical notion about marriage. The future of Christianity does not belong to those who publicly deny the doctrines of their church bodies, but to those who will boldly confess them, thank God where they are unified with other denominations, and seek to resolve their divisions until Christ blesses us with the unity he prayed for.

Bravo!  Go here to read the brilliant rest.  Christianity will triumph as it always has:  through our Saints who love God more than they love themselves and who will never be silenced from preaching the Truth.

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  1. Outstanding and true. The way forward for the Catholic Church to re-introduce orthodox teaching and spirituality. Why so? Liberals will fade away as there is little left for them to corrupt. Surviving conservative and orthodox Catholics will stick around because the Sacraments are has been important to them.

  2. The only continuing mystery for me is why the Tim Kaines of the world still bother to go to Mass. I guess it’s for the applause.

  3. Likely the main reason to vote Trump: He was never elected to any office.
    Mark Twain was a humorist whose jokes often were correct. Here’s a money quote which should guide all your political thinking. “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.”
    You must remember this truth whenever a politician “promises” he will solve our/your problems. It never happened and it will never happen. In addition to their gross fallibility, they hate you.
    Keep deplorable my friends.

  4. Of course, the Catholic Church already has a Pope who says the divorced and remarried are not living in sin. Can’t fault Kaine for his optimism.

  5. Incredible- written by a Lutheran? He understands what’s going on far better than Catholics who you would think SHOULD know better. But don’t.
    This kinda goes along with Cd Schonborn’s comments on the Feast of the Holy of Mary in Vienna, where the battle it commemorates took place on the other 9/11. The pole Jon Sobieski saved the day and defeated- yet again- the Ottoman Turks looking to take Europe- at its back door. the Cd said, ” Will there be an Islamic Conquest of Europe? Many Muslims want that and say: Europe is at the end.” Then he said Europe is”in danger of forfeiting our Christian heritage”. JPII railed against the leaders for denying their Christian heritage and roots in their creation of the EU. Assiduously left out. And here we are today…

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