Les Deplorables

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In 50 years of observing politics I have never seen a politician hand her adversary such a powerful weapon as Hillary Clinton did when she damned 20% of the American people as deplorables.  In that one remark she summarized the leftist contempt for Americans who stubbornly refuse to submit to leftist shibboleths, and she poured gasoline on the anger of half our population who are sick of being treated as enemies in their own nation.



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  1. Who Cares?!?!!? Don’t you know Trump is a Birther? A Birther I tell you!

    [he said in his best William Shatner screaming Khaaaahhhhhhnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! impression]

  2. I especially appreciated the “irredeemable” part.
    Never underestimate the power of 52 million idiots.

    Hillary will cause real damage. It cannot be tolerated.
    Keep deplorable my friends.

  3. That was a pretty bad error also. Romney thought he said it at a private meeting and off the record. With modern electronics there are no private meetings and nothing is ever off the record. However I don’t think it cost him the election. His attempt to play it safe after the first debate, his failure to tackle Candi Crowley and his sitting on a non-existent lead doomed Romney.

  4. the way the media responds to the various comments makes the difference.
    Candy Crowly and Martha R and Katie Couric and so many others – Dan Rather- all have some “splaining” to do at the pearly gates-
    The are teachers and leaders and it might have been better for them to have a millstone tied around their necks-
    Luke 17 Jesus* said to his disciples, ‘Occasions for stumbling are bound to come, but woe to anyone by whom they come! 2It would be better for you if a millstone were hung around your neck and you were thrown into the sea than for you to cause one of these little ones to stumble.

  5. deplorable means the racist and hatemongers such as KKK. I think burning of the cross on an African American lawn is a hate crime these days. Trump is going to bring the Orthodox church(Russia) of the east to our shores. it is advisable to read history and read the history of Trump who is self-serving and wants to make American his person moneymaker for him and his family. His children and his Russia wives would be his advisors? we will be talking Russian soon in America that is for sure!
    It dose not make any sense….read multiple of media sources and look at the long arch of history . Hitler was freely elected. We do not want to have the Catholic church on the wrong side of this supporting someone like Trump whose supporters are (yes)deplorable.
    it is wrong to say she was some how talking about the poor. no she was talking about the rightwing racist who hate anyone who is not white!
    Jesus should be our model of fairness. Trump is the most ill equip running for office in the history of American. it was shameful how he used his Trump properties in his campaign he makes money at every turn. we are the laughing stock of the world having someone who has no idea what he is doing and just saying things and expecting it to be true just because he says them. open you heats and minds to the truth…
    may the peace and grace of our lord Jesus be with you.

  6. “deplorable means the racist and hatemongers such as KKK.”

    The KKK is a miniscule organization. Hillary’s remark was addressed to 20% of the American people.

    “Trump is going to bring the Orthodox church(Russia) of the east to our shores.”

    Trump is an Episcopalian. What an outlandish charge.

    The rest of your rant is simply rubbish and not worth responding to.

  7. Maria– Thanks for the heads up on Trump. But do you realize that Hillary supports murder on a greater scale than Hitler? Yes she does with her support for abortion. And given that she thinks murder is a solution to societal problems, don’t you think she will use the same thinking to solve Medicare and Social Security from bankruptcy? Yes, it’s called euthanasia and it’s coming very soon if Hillary is elected. May God help you Maria you are being influenced by the devil.

  8. maria reminds of the counterfeit group, Catholics for choice. Catholics, in name only, who want the slaughter of the innocent to continue are abominations before the throne of God. Eastern Orthodox Church is a beautiful lung of the body of Christ.
    maria is need of prayers…. Big Time!

  9. Hey, Maria, have you ever been to Russian Orthodox divine liturgy. Beautiful! Real respect for the Lord. Not like Protestantized liberal progressive Democrat Novus Ordo. My co-worker is Russian. She worked at Chernobyl when the accident happened. She was loyal to the Church regardless of the commies in the USSR. She did things for people that liberal progressives would never be willing to do. Her priest with whom I have talked is a great man of God.
    I freaking loathe liberal progressive ignorance.

  10. They can’t run on their disastrous policies and failed programs – 70% of Americans polled believe the USA is moving in the wrong direction.
    When they’re shrieking (like stuck pigs) words like birther, deplorable, homophobic, irredeemable, islamophobic, racist, sexist, xenophobic, etc. you know they know they’re losing.

    However, never underestimate the destructive power of 52,000,000 stupid people voting, e.g., maria.

  11. PS, fathom the irony that liberal progressives like Maria loved and admired and extolled the Russians when they were commie pinko atheist Soviets, but now that they are returning to the Orthodox Church, people like Maria look down their uppity noses at them. I am one of those whom Hildebeast called deplorable and I am proud to be so called!

  12. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

    And so am I!

    The Beast will choke on her own words.
    She will gag and gnash her teeth.
    She will swim in the
    blood of the
    children that
    she didn’t
    sad example of power, perversion and putrid politics that seek only her good. Her gain.

    She is going down.

  13. [R]ead the history of Trump who is self-serving and wants to make American his person moneymaker for him and his family.

    Who does he think he is? George Soros?

  14. “Who does he think he is? George Soros.”

    Ernst. It’s not my privilege, but if I could, I’d give you quote of the week! 🙂

  15. “Gotcha” politics is getting tiring. What does it say about a citizenry that is uncomfortable with a candidate when the candidate calls a portion of the population deplorable when her mountains of crimes and liberal policies have gone largely excused or ignored?
    Support single payer healthcare? No problem. Punish legal business decisions? No problem. Regulate wages? No problem. (Do I have my candidates mixed up?) Call some people deplorable? Problem.

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